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    Rompeportones (Gates Breaker)

    Hello. I am from Argentina and speak spanish. Its my first Thread in inglish in this community. For this reazon i apologize for my poor english.
    The deck i called "Rompeportones" (Gates Breaks) in allusion to a powerful firecracker that is in my country.

    The deck needs more cards, but I have no luck I have touched yan.

    The deck, after some changes:

    I accept more recommendations.

    Thank you for you time.
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    how often do you really play armageddon with this deck? imps can be countered so easy but costs 4, not sure they should be used. Cerberus health 3 they will die from many mass removals in earlier game -> trash, also they can be used better with tp, but xorm dont have time only fire. Demented also low health for it cost 2, can be 2-3 in deck, also main fear - mass removals. 4 frenzy - its a lot, not so good removal, should be 1-2 i think. market of wonders? very discussable.
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    IMO you have too many Melee creatures, you need Shooters to support them, Succubus is great.
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    Thanks for the recommendations¡¡¡

    I followed your instructions and make some changes to the deck.

    The deck... for now : http://mmdoc.net/show_deck/430/
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