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    Thank you Ubisoft

    Hi all,

    I have lurked in this forum for a few weeks but decided to make a post.

    Like a lot of people, I always had this nagging desire to play an instrument and watch with envy when I see a documentary and a rock god walks out to 100,000 adoring fans. In my 20s I bought a guitar but found it unintuitive and frustrating so sold it and there my dream ended. Fast forward to modern day and I am now 44. About 18 months ago, I completed a masters degree so as a reward, my wife sneakily bought me an electric guitar - partially I think to wean me off playing MMOs and do something more constructive.

    I live in rural Australia and work changing shifts so getting tuition is hard, and I tried to persevere with TAB books and the like. But sitting alone and trying to interpret the book then find the dexterity to manoevre the fretboard quickly became uninspiring and the guitar again found its way to the corner of the room. I sold my wife the line that when I come off shifts, I'll join a class and come back to it, but maybe I was also trying to convince myself too.

    Anyway, last November I became aware of RS, and had a relative buy it me for Christmas. Since then, it has been amazing. Every night I cannot help myself and log on to hit some songs or practice a technique. The buzz I felt when I played my first event was unreal. Sure its all digital but if you suspend disbelief, you can .. just ... have an inkling of the fun of being in a band and playing live.

    Don't get me wrong. I'm no rock god. I've had RS a month and am still level 3. I sound awful sometimes, struggle with basic chords and my short fingers seem totally clumsy (I have no idea if I will ever be able to do barre chords). In fact, I even presume I will plateau at some point and will improve no further. But it doesn't matter. I am having fun and have accelerated my playing the guitar ten times with RS than I ever did using another system. Pulling off a riff in Pearl Jam's "Alive" with the band is about as much fun as I have had in ages.

    So, forgive my indulgent tale. I just wanted - NEEDED - to share my story and thank Ubisoft for creating such a truly amazing product.

    Regards all

    PS Got a few guitar-playing buddies from work coming to my house in a month for a jam session......cannot wait...
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    Keep at it, David. It will come. With age comes forgetting how hard it can actually be to learn something that requires so many small movements that require a little finesse while looking like a rocking bad-A doing it. You'll be surprised at how much jamming with friends will make you a better player. Rock on and welcome to the fold.
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    David you have one thing those rock gods never had, you have rocksmith. You will get those chords down and be playing like a rock star. Just like everything else in life, practice practice practice. Welcome to the forum, it is a great community and feel free to ask questions.
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    It's great that you're having fun! One of the things Rocksmith is great at is just giving you more time with the guitar than you otherwise would have had.

    Couple of arrangements you can work on if you're trying to get better at chords... Black from Pearl Jam is pretty easy, Spider and Fly on disc is simple too. Breaking the Law is a pretty simple song too and is really fun to play, so I'd suggest downloading that one if you've got the funds for DLC.

    On disc you can check out Angela, or Song 2, as well, both of those are not too complicated.
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    Thanks for the replies and positive comments.

    I have downloaded quite a few songs now, and am learning "Black" (which is one of my altime favourite songs) too. TBH, they could put the entire Pearl Jam back catalog on DLC, and I would buy it.I have tried "Angela' but I'll check out some of those others too. However, I found initially I was enjoying wandering from one to another; now I am going through Riff Repeater on 'Alive' with an intention of actually mastering it as well as I can. (That change to 30 lives is a godsend).

    If Ubisoft ever reads this, I only would love to see an option to play an entire song at free speed (like in the RR) and sometimes I pause a song to make sense of a complicated bit coming up the highway, but the huge chunky menu buttons come up and block the display. Minor points.

    I have been selling the virtues of RS to anyone who will listen and managed to persuade a mate at work to buy it too. For me, the joy is that it actually makes the tedious aspect of learning actually enjoyable. It has kept me interested and motivated and there will come a time I will start sussing out reading music and TABS etc, but at least by then I will be able to hit chords and have the dexterity so it isn't as daunting. That initial steep and unforgiving learning curve is softened immensely with RS that's for sure.

    Again, thanks for your comments. I intend to become a greater part of this friendly RS community in the future.
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    Becarefull about posting feature request and DLC requests. We try to limit threads with these types of posts.

    Feature request and general feedback should use one of the existing feedback threads. It keeps all that stuff where the developers can find it easier.

    DLC requests are not allowed at all, and will get a thread closed or deleted. This also is to reduce the infinite number of DLC requests we would get. Ubisoft has a DLC request app you should use for such.

    Now just avoid feature request, bugs, issues, and DLC requests in this thread, and you are good to go.
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