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    Assassins Creed 1 Flags

    I got the whole Assassins Creed series because it is sick. I beat the WHOLE campaign but i just have one problem.... Flags, and whatever else you collect.
    I want the bragging rights of getting all the flags. I really want to get a map of locations that i can clearly see and hold in my hands. I wanted to print out maps with locations but really that is a COMPLETE WASTE OF PAPER AND INK. I DO NOT want to print out like 37 maps for all the games its just not eco friendly.... Any ideas on what I should do?
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    Not aware of any physical guides, I think your best bet is to Alt+Tab in and out of the game or ,if on consoles, have it up on screen at the same time as you're playing.

    The one thing I'd REALLY love for AC1 would be for someone to create a mod/patch/whatever that gives you all the flag locations on the in-game map, once you've got a certain amount (kinda like the data fragments in ACR). Obviously you can't just buy a map, as AC1 doesn't have shops.
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    What I do is put my laptop right next to me, look up the maps, and use it while playing xbox.
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