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    Is sixth sense permanent in modes other than SD?

    So I'm modifying my ability sets, one for each game mode I play. I always have sixth sense as a perk, so I'm wondering whether or not some modes automatically give you sixth sense perk or no perk, that way I can remove it from the sets for the modes that I don't need it in.

    P.S. Does sixth sense tell you of player being in high profile behind you, meaning does the lock marker still appear for players in my line of sight but not behind me even without the perk. Because if that's the case, there's no point to the perk. And if it's not the case then that wouldn't make it a sixth sense, that would be sight.
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    Sixth sense is useful in Artifact Assault to help with your artifact running path, but otherwise I wouldn't consider using it unless I was new to the game and still struggling to identify pursuers. In FFA modes I think you would be much better off using Overall Cooldowns / Kill Buffer / Resilience etc.

    I don't think I understand your question. Sixth Sense will point in the direction of any pursuer in your line of sight who is in high profile. You can move in high profile without getting a lock icon (The lock only comes on after your meter drops below silent (I think) )

    As I said it can be really useful in AA as you can catch quick "glimpses" of incoming pursuers and change your path to avoid interception, but other than that it really doesn't compare to the other perks.
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    The sixth sense perk is red arrow that appears at the bottom of the screen indicating which direction your pursuer is coming from. The lock prompt will appear if your pursuer is in high profile near you. I think the perk is the best way to know if and where someone is coming at you even though they may not have activated the high profile lock. I don't use the perk personally, but I think it could be helpful in Wanted because of the multiple pursuers on you in an open map.
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    Thanks for the help, appreciate it.
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    i find sixth sense was only useful when getting used to pursuer id as mentioned above but i really cannot suggest anyone use that perk over the more useful ones like resistance, resillience kill buffer and such. dont forget it only shows notorious pursuers direction when behind you. i for one rarely run around corners to los my targets so i render that perk null with my playstyle.
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