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    Help with Combo Kills

    I get the general premise behind combo kills, but actually being able to pull them off has been real hit or miss for me.

    I understand that you can't be interrupted during the combo or it breaks it. I'm currently on the first fort mission for Captain Kidd's map pieces and I'm at the point where you're fleeing the fort and have to complete a 3-string combo. I'm kicking myself for not buying a sword prior to this mission because I've heard they're easier to do combos with due to reach.

    I guess my questions have to do with the timing:

    1. If I hit "B" to block and then hit "X" to attack, do I then immediately point my left stick in the direction of another enemy and hit "X" again to start the chain? In other words, do I not even wait for the kill animation to finish on the first guard before I hit the "X" to start attacking the second guard?
    2. If I'm in the middle of a combo and a guard swings at me, can I block it with the "B" and keep the combo going?
    3. Do I have to keep the right trigger held down the entire time to complete combo kills?

    A couple of related questions:

    1. If I complete the mission but don't get all the optional objectives, can I go back and replay it at a later date and still get 100% synchronization?
    2. What are the best weapons for combo kills?

    Thanks for the help.
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    Hmm, you know, I never really gave it much thought so hopefully I can explain--this may not be correct, but I believe if you block with B and then get them with X, go for the next guy with X unless he is about to strike you in which you can then block and attack and keep doing that for every enemy (although, depending on the enemy you'll have to change this with A for breaking defense) you should get the objective for a kill combo. I think basically as long as you're not hit, you're still in the combo chain, if that makes sense.
    With AC3 you don't actually hold down the RT at all during fights (I realized this after I finished my playthrough of AC2 and went to AC3). In AC3, RT will make him leave the fight.

    Yes, you can go back and replay memories to get full synch. You also have the option to replay from the last checkpoint, which can be helpful in some playthroughs.

    I honestly never used any sword with Connor. I love the Tomahawk
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    You should not keep any triggers down at all (this has changed from earlier games). Otherwise you have the right basic ideas. Don't forget that you can also use your tools (for example the pistol) within a combo if the guards are out of reach (hold the stick in their direction and tap Y). You can go back and replay a mission at any time you want to get 100%.
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    Thanks for the help.
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    Np hope it works !
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    1: yes
    2: yes
    3: no
    1: yes
    2: every weapon, even the fist.
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