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    I've been missing out...

    I tend to pick up games well after they've been out so I can get them pre-owned cheap, but I picked up AC1 shortly after it first came out. I played through the first assassination mission and then realized it seemed the rest of the game would be rather repetitive. Get mission, climb towers, pick pockets, interrogate, etc. then kill target, rinse & repeat. I never touched it again and traded it in.

    Fast forward to now and I had picked it up again several months ago after hearing all of the hooplah about the series. It stayed on my shelf for awhile as I really had a hard time motivating myself to play it again. I finally popped it back in and made myself play through it. Admittedly my initial assumptions about the repetitiveness were correct, but I found fun in the little things along the way such as punching beggars and mentally challenged folks in the face and shoving guards off rooftops lol. Anyway, I finished the game a day or two ago - didn't care much for the ending since it just left me in the same room I'd been in the whole game. I was hoping the chick and I were going to fight our way out or I'd get to stab the good doctor in the throat with the pen I looted from him earlier, but no dice.

    I ordered AC2 and Brotherhood (my kids already have Revelations) so I'm hoping to play through them all and get AC3 for my B-day in March. I read some spoiler-free reviews and it seems the story and gameplay get a bit better as the series goes on (hope the endings get better). Looking forward to playing all of them and can't believe what I've been missing out on all this time!

    Also read a lot of good things about the multiplayer in the series, before anyone suggests it I moved to the boonies and only have satellite with limited usage so no XboxLive.

    I can't wait for the games to arrive
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    Oh yes they get better and a little hint, your wish, kinda works :P
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