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    I'm running RS on an Acer Aspire 5755G laptop. This is a beast and overkill for RS, but powerful enough for modern games. Dedicated graphics card and an i7 processor. Can buy online for roughly £600 GBP if you look around. Windows 7 as standard however I'm sure upgrades are cheap and easy.

    There is an integrated sound system so it's not likely to be as low latency as a dedicated card however it works for me and my headphones.
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    Originally Posted by gMal228 Go to original post
    is that Ideapad Y580 running windows 8?
    When I bought it it came with Windows 7.
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    Originally Posted by Phalaris99504 Go to original post
    I did a little checking and found the requirements for Rocksmith. If you haven't found it, you can find it here.


    Accroding to Black Widdow, the requirements are going to be Windows Vista or Windows 7. Now, that's not to say that it won't run if you get a laptop with Windows 8. You may find that it runs fine, or you may have to get on the forums and speak with Tech Support to tweak the OS so that it runs.

    I've been considering getting a new laptop myself, just for Rocksmith. My issue is that I have lots of DLC already on the PS3.

    As for laptops. I also like Dell, probably better than others.

    Yes those are definitely the requirements. A lot of games are not supported on Laptops because of the need for higher performance.

    Also at the bottom of the Sticky there is this explanation regarding Win 8:
    Problem: Does Rocksmith support Windows 8?
    Solutions: We developed Rocksmith on Windows 7 and Windows Vista. We are working on expanding our official support for Windows 8 at this time. Rocksmith will officially have Windows 8 support in a future update of Rocksmith. If you are running Rocksmith on Windows 8, we’d like to hear about your experiences and problems.

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    Don't spend the $$. Buy Parallels and an OEM version of Windows 8. I'm assuming you have a relatively decent MacBook Pro or iMac. ** I am also a Mac user and I manage hundreds of Windows servers and desktops throughout the world from a MacBook Pro.
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    I'm guessing he's figured it out in the last 7 years since the original post ;-)
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    I have a MS Surface Pro 7

    I have a MS Surface Pro 7 that I use to play Rocksmith with the Real Tone cable and headphones plugged into the laptop. I haven't experienced any obvious latency issues using this setup, and the laptop handles the game with no hiccups.

    Re: connecting to the TV. The issue with PS4/XB1 is the audio latency experienced when using a HDMI Cable for audio, so instead of playing the audio on the TV you play it from another source. For example, when I'm playing on Xbox, I connect my soundbar directly to the console which minimizes/eliminates the latency. I don't know this for certain because I haven't tried it but I would imagine that the same principles apply with a laptop - that is, plug the TV in to act as a monitor/screen but then output the audio through speakers connected directly to the laptop.
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