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    Need an epilogue save file for AC3

    Like some other people, I have a problem where AC3 will crash after a pre-rendered video is played.

    I've made it up to the very end of the game, but I'm unable to pass the final cutscene because of this bug. I'm trying to do stealth runs of the game's Forts, but the one I'm currently attempting is only feasible at night, so I need a certain ability which is only available in the epilogue.

    Could someone please be kind enough to upload a save file that's post-credits and has none of the Forts completed? I've done 2 of the Forts so far (videos can be found here if anyone's interested: http://www.youtube.com/user/InTehVaria), and I'd really like to do more. Please help!
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    Did you try to reinstall the game? In one of threads something like this happened to one person because he renamed files containing intro movies to make game start directly to menu and he had to rename these files back or to reinstall the game.

    About savegames... there is no way to load savegames from one account to another.
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    Yes! I have no idea why the intro videos' presence are linked to the later videos' ability to play, but replacing ubi_logo.bik and warning_disclaimer.bik solved this problem. Thank you very much!

    Might I ask where you originally found this solution? I've seen others with this problem and it should probably get more attention.

    Edit: Found it! http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php...king?p=8799753 Knowledge of this problem needs to be more widespread. I might make a new thread about it.
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