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    So, Any Chance of a Red Steel 2 HD on Wii U eShop?

    I ask because:
    1. I was playing a little Call of Duty, thinking wistfully on how great Red Steel 2's gameplay felt, especially the fluid transition between gun and sword fighting.
    2. I was then imagining (for the thousandth time) how great a simple, local multiplayer death match mode would have been using that gameplay;
    3. and how unique versus arenas built on the game's existing environments, especially the runaway train level, could have been;
    4. and how gorgeous that train level and the moonlit ninja attack level were, even in SD.
    5. All of which had me ready to pop the disk into my Wii U for another playthrough... until I remembered how much the long, frequent load times broke up and damaged the experience.

    I came to the conclusion that everything I liked about the game could be enhanced and every complaint addressed with a quick port to a more powerful system. I'm already sold on the idea. I'd buy it now if it were on eShop. So, could it ever happen?

    I know the game must still be a bit of a sore point, failing to shift as many units at retail as (in my opinion) it deserved. Even so, with half a million games sold (at least according to VGChartz... I know, I know) and motionplus having much wider market penetration, is it possible we could see Red Steel 2 with minimal changes beyond an increase in resolution and some antialiasing sold on the eShop? A quick and dirty port I'd buy for $20. Hell, I'd lay down $30 easy (lol, high roller) if Ubi managed to stick a couple of local multiplayer modes in there (co-op, hoard mode, versus).

    However, the real question is not if a few fans like me will buy it, but whether or not it would be profitable enough to be worth Ubisoft's time and money to develop. We know that Yves Guillemot stated that many of the Wii U ports from PS3/360 cost Ubisoft around 1 million to develop. I'm just "armchair QB-ing" here, but wouldn't an up-port from Wii (which the Wii U is actually designed to emulate) cost a fraction of that? With no content creation to speak of outside of HD menus and text, wouldn't this be a job that a 2-3 person team could complete in a matter of months? More if they go in for the multiplayer modes(even recycling assets from the campaign for multiplayer arenas), obviously, but not that much more, right?

    The financial risk is significantly lower because there's no physical disk to sell. The potential reward, greater, because Ubi receives a greater percentage of the profits than with retail sales. True, the installed base is smaller, but then, the first Red Steel sold much better than its predecessor with a smaller installed base simply because the audience was hungry for software. And, with a whole generation to sell, isn't it likely that a competent port would make back many times its initial investment?

    What say you, denizens of the Uplay forums and especially you Ubi insiders? All things considered, could it happen? Would such a port be profitable enough to entice Ubisoft upper management into action? How (un)realistic are my expectations for the cost and effort involved in such a port?

    Thanks in advance,

    PS-the MiiVerse art for this game would be epic! Just saying.
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