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    problem when setting driver up!! help

    hi i just bought "Driver San Fransisco" and i have been trying to set it up. after i choose what language it come up with a message saying "installer error. installer cannot run this UI mode. use I command-line option, followed by the UI mode identifier. the valid UI mode identifiers are GUI, Console and Silent."
    what do i need to do to make the game work????????
    please respond asap!!!!!
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    I do not see a response to this I am hoping that there is a fix because i just did the same and am having a similar issue. It will not install past this UI issue.
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    find the setup.exe that the launcher downloaded. right click - properties - compatability mode - windows 7. hit ok. run setup.exe.
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    you can find some program called setup.exe in the launcher, press right click, and properties, enter compability mode, in your laptop or desktop pc choose windows 7 if you use windows 7 or you can choose windows 10. press ok and try to run launcher again, hope this work
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