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    [MOD] Compass mode & Remove Fog of War

    Use own risk! This mod is harmless and don't affect the a multiplayer game experience but I don't recommend how use online play.


    1. Remove minimaps rendering.

    2. Remove area's visibility in minimap container(mission, restricted zones (?) - this is need confirm).
    Warning! Some Path of Hunter quest will maybe too hard without displaying exact mission area... as in real life.

    3. Remove Fog of War rendering in worldmap. Don't need unlock any radiotowers how get a worldmap part.
    (Reason, how why...)
    If you unlocked a radiotower just show the territories - about unliberated outposts.

    4. Changed minimap container's background to a simple compass, and remove few icons - like treasures, letters, enemies etc...
    Its a (one!) simple bitmap editing... nothing is magic. (For anyone who want to change: \ui\supertextures\h_minimap_0.xbt)


    How to make?

    Just download my little tool - SFK Binary Patcher - and select ALL Compass_mode step and patch your FC3_d3d11.dll or FC3.dll (depend your config).

    After need a modded patch.dat/patch. file because the default minimap container use an ugly background:

    I made 2 compilation:
    [ A ] vanilla 1.04 patch with a modified h_minimap_0.xbt texture for compass view - Donwload link
    [ B ] : a mixed compilation with player abilities (need learn) and 2nd Island unlock. - Donwload link

    If you choose [ B ] please will be careful, I don't need more time fully tested and please don't post here about bugreports.

    So choose one compilation, download and exctact and overwrite patch.dat/patch.fat.

    I hate .dll mods or I just want remove of fog of war, is possible?
    If you have experience in Cheat Engine or other memory scanner program, the answer is: yes.

    I cant find my backup these files: FC3_d3d11.dll or FC3.dll | patch.dat | patch.fat. Need reinstall the game?
    No, just delete these files, and download and run latest 1.04 patch:

    What doing this .dll mod, what's changed?
    We moving 3 operation's pointer with +6 byte. These areas allways drop zero values.

    **** Here is a safe method for the playing:
    - I recommend only try this if you finish the whole game!
    - Pls. backup your safe files (Program Files\Ubisoft Game Launcher\savegames\...)
    - Playingoffline.
    Warning! Use own risk without any warranty!
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    Updated SFK Patcher.

    I play six hours with compass mode, and find only one bug: some menus where use for list an scrollbox container, if you scroll with mouse wheel, container drop own mask (all elements visibled). Just click with mouse the scroll button then mask refreshed and worked properly.
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    this must make a lot of people happy as I remember reading posts people requesting it...
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    How can I just remove the Fog of War? Please help. I don't want to change my minimap!
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    is it possible to just remove fog of war just using hxd
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