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    The (important?) prequel of ACIII... take a look.

    I posted a review on my blog about the official book that tells us the story of Haytham Kenway... You perhaps want to know a bit more about that very important character :


    Thanks for sharing and reading if you feel like .
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    Anyone got a few thoughts on Haytham? Did you preferred playing Haytham or Connor?

    Their fighting moves are similar but they have a real different style . I mean Haytham behave like a noble/English gentleman, and Connor has more the temperament of wild and rebel Indian.
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    At least Haytham has a cool hat :>
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    Connor got one too... When he is on his boat only .

    It's like "in the navy" , we don't accept saucy assassin's robe .
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    I loved playing as Both...
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    So far the books is only available in French and English after a few research. It will be released in early February 2013 in German. I think that they should release a DLC with Haytham, based on the book. That would be cool.
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    I loved playing as both. I think it would've been cool is Haytham wasn't a templar, or was converted over to the assassins, and we had an actual main story as him. Anyone agree? They could have done an England setting etc. I would've loved to have saw that and a Connor game. :/
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    Yes, an English setting would be awesome ! We only had the opera of London in Assassin creed 3 . We need Big Ben and things !
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    Haytham > Connor
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