This game is getting rapidly more disappointing as it goes on. I hate all the brand loyalty 'sign in to Uplay' enforcements and always did. I only like games that are open world, and hate games that are limited in scenarios, and have time limits.

So while I was happy running around Boston and the Frontier, suddenly I find myself being forced to do sailing missions that are subject to stupid time limits, and a main mission that requires I stupidly gallop up and down pretending to be a field marshall, giving the order to fire - again subject to a time limit defined by how many of the soldiers get killed before you reach the quota demanded of killing the enemy soldiers. Boring! I can't be bothered to complete this kind of rubbish mission. So this means the game is over for me at around halfway through the game. Unless anyone has cheats?

Also - playing on PC, this game is incredibly glitchy. There are so many glitches I have lost count - trivial but stupid glitches that definitely subtract from the enjoyment of the game. One example: raced miles to defend a convoy, blue circle didn't activate, despite killing all the convoy attackers game recorded that I had failed to defend the convoy thus losing the player all the time and effort spent purchasing or collecting the goods, crafting the wagon, and arranging for what would be delivered - a time consuming, and tediously laborious process at best. And the reason I am putting this comment here is that one of the glitches is that the Uplay customer loyalty bonus of redeeming credits (Humiliating!) said that I could upgrade the tool pouch capacity - but didn't bother to explain how that works. So I had to search the web to find this page - where it tells me that the pouch has to be "crafted". But returning to the game - no tool pouch was to be found in the account book recipe options.

I don't know if Ubisoft have ever heard of the phrase "over-egging the pudding" but that is definitely what they have done here. And maybe they did market research and found that people really like time limited missions - but I am definitely not one of those people. I play this game for the open world, and for the none time limited missions, and for the assassin aspect of it. Oh, that's another thing that hasn't been emphasized enough; that the way the gameplay has been set up it seems like stealth is pretty pointless and mere thuggery is usually what ends up happening in missions, thus making "assassin" a bit of a misnomer. In fact they refer to it as "Open Conflict" in the game themselves - and it seems there is a lot more of that than stealth. So maybe they should change the name to Thug's Creed?

The graphics are good as always and I quite like the story, intellectually immature as it is to thread the main character's story into the history of the beginnings of the American War of Independence, but this game is a mess. Here's what I think Ubisoft need to do: No time limit missions or at least if there is a time limit, make it optional; Sort out the glitches and to really live up to the interactive promo bleating, set up an easy online process where any glitch can be reported quickly and easily - thus increasing the upgrade patches' speed of arrival; Stop with the brand loyalty enforcements, and make it so that it is optional whether the player takes part in it or not. Let us not forget after all, the player has already paid for the product and should not be being forced to devote more time and energy to Ubisoft's whims if that kind of thing is of no interest to them. A service provider is more likely to earn the respect and goodwill of a customer if they give the customer CHOICE!

Sadly, I have to add to this comment a complaint about what happened when I was trying to address this issue - when I tried to post this comment on the page I had found that told me (erroneously) that the tool pouch would appear ready to be crafted in the account book, if I redeemed the Uplay credits, but didn't - I couldn't post the comment because the in-built system rules of the comment section required me to not only be signed in to my Uplay account, but also to be signed in via Facebook, AOL, Hotmail, or Yahoo, none of which I have an account with!

So though Uplay tries to present this impression of casual interactivity and ease of use (as it does for instance in the short film that sings about the benefits of Uplay and the Uplay passport) it is in fact very difficult to interact with and is not easy to use at all, and the whole thing seems to be designed to force the user to have to accept unnecessary advertizing and promotional material.

I just want to be able to play a game without having to be swamped in brand loyalty points systems, and maze-like processes to uncover simple basic needed information.

The insidious strictures these companies place on the experience the gamer has to go through reminds me of how they deliberately wrote out of the game system that PC and laptop gamers would be unable to use a gamepad unless it was the specially produced one made by Xbox, Microsoft and Ubisoft together, at a price far in excess of a generic gamepad, when they released Assassin's Creed Brotherhood for PC.

Assassin's Creed III, and the Uplay experience? I give the whole experience (that is the game, but also the whole "sign up for uplay" nonsense) a very disappointed 3 out of 10 - and the 3 is for the graphics and open world, though they are still horribly glitchy.

Now where do I give Ubisoft this feedback?

Oh. Nowhere. They're not interested. It'll have to go in a forum they will never read.