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    AC3 ending and Homestead ending (SPOILERS!!!!)

    A lot of people are criticizing the way Ubisoft/developers/writers handled the ending of AC3, making it unmemorable and without feelings/a bit anticlimactic. I have also felt that myself and would have wished for a better way for Desmond's death to be handled. But that is not my point. The last homestead mission where you have to give Achilles Davenport his final resting place, that teared me up and made me wish I hadn't actually played the mission. So strong was the feel that I had to close the game. My point is that the developers managed to handle the death of Achilles Davenport amazingly and managed to evoke an amazing way of giving Achilles his final resting place. Doesn't that make you wonder why they hadn't done the same with Desmond, the man who we played with all these years? The developers purposely did this to get a reaction from us. They are clearly able to give good endings and while Desmond didn't apparently get the cut, that IS the whole point. I believe they did this on purpose, to make the ending unmemorable, for good reason. We just don't know everything yet and we feel betrayed.

    "Life is not a fairytale and there are no happy endings"
    -Achilles Davenport
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    I think it's pretty clear for a while now that the people writing this hate the s**t out of Desmond. He is actually the main hero of AC, not Altair, Ezio or Connor but he is one of the blandest heroes in modern gaming and when we thought that he was gonna get centerstage a bit more, they go and kill him in one of the most stupid endings I've had the displeasure of watching.

    I actually feel sorry for the people that were Desmond fans, few as they were.
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