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    The New York underground

    Its driving me nuts cause i have 11 fast travel points on the map but the game still says i have 10/11 tough i havent gone through the wood cause i havent find the gun powder barrel or i have blown them all out i need help please?
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    There are actually 12 fast travel points in the New York Underground. The first fast travel point does not count towards the required 11 fast travel point you need to find. Here is a list of the underground fast travel point names,
    1-East Countryside, 2-Presbyterian Church, 3-West Countryside, 4-St Paul's Chapel, 5-North Dutch Church, 6-Brewery, 7-Trinity Church, 8-City Hall, 9-Bowling Green, 10-Old Dutch Church, 11-Downtown Center & 12-South Market
    Hope this helps & keep exploring.

    If you can't find any gun powder kegs then you can always plant a trip mine at the required place, stand back a bit and shoot the trip mine with your gun. Easy does it.
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