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    can some 1 help to these questions below on the topic of Asassins Creed III

    Firstly when you steal from people in the streets or find stuff in chests and other places like eyedrops and paper and so on all these diffrent things even cat nipp sand , it goes on, what the hell do you do with them all and where do they go itz like they disappear can some one help me out with that, also how do you make money fast, can you change your uniform like wear enemies stuff or that just in missions. the book thing where you trade n have convoys n the mansion n that how does all that work, itz it me or is this game very complex what advice can you give me , so far ive been all over the place and dont even know where i am anymore theres more i can write but will start with this for now thanks tomneonx

    some more problems im finding , how do you recruit people is it best to complete the game and can you carry on the game play like free roaming when you have done all the missions ,PLEASE HELP ME :-/
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    They are used to be sold or used to craft other items. And they should be in your inventory. Other than that you dont use them for anything else.
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