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    Wireless PC Controller not working on ACB

    I have a copy of ACB for PC but gave up on it as can't cope with keyboard. Having played AC2 on XBOX the PC option with keyboard is just not what I want.

    So I bought a microsoft wireless XBOX360 controller for my PC.

    However when I go into keyboard options - the controller does not appear.

    What am I doing wrong? I've found a few forums mentioning the controller CAN be used - but none of them explain how (or what I am doing wrong).

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    1. Activate the Controller
    2. Start the game
    3. You will notice you can't use your Controller, just wait !
    4. Go to Options -> Controls (or something like it)
    5. Where you see Keyboard / Mouse, you should be able to click on the right arrow to select the Controller

    This is how it works the first time you use one in AC3.
    After that, make sure your Controller is always on when you start the game or else you will have to go back to options etc ..

    ACB is quite a while ago for me so I dont remember how the menu's look but it should be fairly the same way as I described.
    If not, I apologise.
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