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    GRFS: Next --- Ideas and discussion for the Sequel

    First of all you need to read This

    First of all let's get things straight, this should not turn into a Hate thread or Flame Thread or Negative Thread, we need to come up with ideas and work together making feedback that hopfully the developer can use to make a better game that GRFS, also yes the developers do listen, I started a similar thread after SCC and the developers included alot of the stuff in SC:Blacklist, and they keep putting more, meaning they do listen.

    Another thing, for this to work, I would like you to build on GRFS formula, meaning it is kinda confirmed that the next GR title is a sequel to FS, so it will work the same, so we should try to improve it and add depth, rather than scarping the whole FS thing, cause the devs won't do that, they are working on a sequel to FS, so keep that in mind.

    I will try to Update the thread regluraly if I am able to, but since I have exams I may not be able to, so let's keep our replies organized, if you want to post an idea, then use Advanced Options and put a title to your post 'Ideas' then put your ideas in a simple point format, you can then go into details after you finish your points, rather than a wall of text, so the devs can easily collect feedback.

    I think that's all for now, here goes our List:

    Single Player:

    • Tutorial should be a separate entity from the SP mission, no more 4 or 5 levels including tutorials.
    • Longer SP Campaign, more like 20hrs long, with freedom to tackle the mission again in different ways.
    • Environment from around the globe like in GRFS.
    • The game focus should be around Tactical Stealth and Preparation rather than Action and Scripted Sequences.
    • Bring back the Command System, but rather than being a micro-command, make it Macro-Command with stuff that matters.
    • No more similar working technology, I liked the whole tech. from GRFS, but Sensor Grenades, X-Rays Vision and the Drone served all the same purpose, The Drone alone would be enough.
    • Camouflage that works by taking a similar color to the environment rather than turning invisible, kinda like Metal Gear Solid 4 I think, Optical camo need to be made less reliable, also an Option to toggle the optical camo between auto and off
    • Bigger levels with multiple routes and approaches, give us freedom to handle situations our own way, take a hint from Dishonored level design, no more Linear levels.
    • Again no Scripted Action Sequences or On-Rail Sequences, rather let the enemy bring reinforcements if the player blows up his stealthy approach and alarm is sounded.
    • Better Attire rather than Mercenary looking uniforms, GRFS2010 Uniforms looked like a real Special Ops rather than what we got. (( JSF Ghosts were good as well ))
    • Sound Integration into stealth, it was a bummer to do a Cover to Cover behind a guard and he wouldn't hear me.
    • Actual thermal goggles....which have a huge range.
    • Actual Military consultant that knows how things actually work, be it in terms of gadgets or it terms of Grenades vs armored trucks, or humans vs tanks, which in most cases end up in death, bottom line make the game Authentic rather than flashy and hollywood like.
    • Customizable HUD, so we clean up the HUD clutter, or best yet, give the player control over it. Let me remove everything if I want.
    • "The gadgets in the combat zone should give the player an edge in combat but not do their work for them " a player should be able to complete the mission without using gadgets albeit a little harder. the player should not be forced to use gadgets only advised that their use would be an asset at this point.
    • Suppressors and Fire select: players should be abke to select their fire rate at will in the middle of a mission and the option to removed/add a supressor to a standard (or a speciallised threaded) barrel.
    • Produce a more compelling story, one that is believable and relevant and at least seems as promising and original as the one posed by Sears era Patriots.
    • A dynamic weather system with day/night cycle. Weather conditions depend on the environment. For example, in alpine environments, you'd face randomly generated snowstorms, in the tropics, torrential downpours and in the desert, sandstorms.
    • Controller Options: Different button layouts or the ability to customize the buttons for ones liking.
    • Give co-op players the choice to choose their character on the campaign, instead of being stuck as Kozak for being hosts.
    • Drop in Drop out Co-Op.
    • Sometimes separate the Ghost to do different objectives, it would be super interesting in Co-Op if each player got something different to do at one point, and no longer has the backup of his teammates.


    • Weather Effects, Sand Storm Map was one of my fav., we need more of that, Snowing Map that slows the player down due to thick layer of snow, Raining Map, Fog Map where it is hard to see, Night Map to make better use of Thermal Scope.
    • Bigger maps with 8vs8 and no need for small maps, okay maybe 1 or 2 max.
    • Sniping Positions, to me Sniping is about high ground, GRFS lacked that except for few maps.
    • More Command Options in case we are playing with people without mics.
    • Character Customizations, customize the uniform, face, lens, backpack, camo color, etc, & include a Female Character in MP to choose.
    • More Modes on launch with some Creative Modes.
    • Keep GunSmith it is not of the best things I ever saw.
    • Maps made for siege would be nice.
    • A new mode for no respawn players.
    • Clan lobbies, Clan ranks
    • Shooting Range: What I think Ubisoft can do for the next GR title, bring along the shooting range, but turn it to a training room; a pathway of rooms or corridors with still targets and moving targets, and blend in a mini shooting range. Enable the ability to take cover while in the training room.
    • Private Lobby Customizations: For the next GR title, please add full customization.
    • Other MP suggestion 1, 2, 3
    • No gun unlocks that would not be accessible to certain platforms that was a big mistake.
    • Bring back Leaning.
    • Bring back Custom Lobbies.
    • An official team death match mode.
    • Implement a tournament system for single players and squad base teams with a league play feature to keep players interested.
    • If you insist on selling maps as DLC, then ensure that gamers can get more use out of them both online and off.
    • Demolition Class: Include a class for Launchers. The previous games had Demolition classes, so it wouldn't hurt for this one to have it too.
    • Multiple factions: Maybe include other special units that are equivalent to the Ghosts and Bodark, like Aguila 6 in GRAW.

    Guerrilla Mode:

    • Matchmaking seems to be a must, and it hurt alot of people to not have it, so put it in there.
    • Make the focus on Stealth, I don't want to fight waves after waves of enemies, I would rather sneak and take them out silently.
    • Maybe try checking my Ghost Ops which is better version that Guerrilla IMO.
    • Give the players the choice to choose their character on the Guerrilla as well, especially since it gets boring to play as the same character over and over again.

    That's all for now, I hope one of our awesome moderators keep this thread in check and always transfer our feedback, ideas and opinion to the devs, now guys and gals, we are not so many here now, but come on share your ideas and requests, don't forget to keep it civil and build on GRFS mechanics and foundations.
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    I agree with **** near everything the OP said

    The Single-Player REALLY needs to be well made this time around.

    Just as an example - imagine Farcry 3's outposts....being taken down by a Ghost squad. Complete and utter freedom in how you approach.

    Also I like the point about eliminating redundant technology - OTR, Mag view, Thermal, Sensors, Drones.....wtf?

    Strip it down:

    1 UAV
    Actual thermal goggles....which have a huge range BTW not the artificially limited nonsense in every ****ing game

    That is it. Sensor balls and Mag view needs to die. Keep the AR which marks enemies...but instead of silhouettes keep a simple red diamond.

    And please for the sake of all that is holy DO NOT follow the same mission structure in GRFS with the completely banal and horrendous scripted events and forced nonsensical scenarios.

    GRFS next should be about a pack of 4 highly trained commandos hunting tangos in large open environments. Not the BS in GRFS.

    Squad commands should be beefed and your AI should be more careful in its pathfinding...I hate it whenever I catch my ghosts blithely walk past a patrolling guard without him noticing anything.

    Also, the Cloak....FFS make it so that it is more effective when stationary and at a distance...It hurts my sack when I can move around with so much impunity.
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    I agree with both of you. GRFS Next should feel like an evolution of not only FS, but past GR's as well. By evolution, i mean BETTER games, not JUST different. And as much as i want to agree with getting rid of all but one piece of tech, i think a better approach would be making the sensors "sense" enemies more like the rifleman's camera does, something that is scanning a 360 degree area so you not CONSTANTLY detected, but maybe once every 2 or 3 seconds, i think that will make it better. Also have the sensor's take up an equipment slot, so the engineer has to choose between that or the UAV, sentry or Field computer (if even included). Just because you are "throwing" it, does not make it a grenade, so i don't see why it's labeled as such. Thats my idea,.... Oh and GET THE **** RID OF NOOB TUBES
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    I don't want any AI on my team just my co op player.
    Timed shots need to be limited or none at all.

    Siege was a blast but DLC maps did not work for the mode at all. So maps made for siege would be nice.
    A new mode for no respawn players.

    User ranked rooms need to come back.

    Clan lobbies would be nice with challenge system.
    Clan ranks
    Unlocks for playing battles.

    Skill based rankings for players not time based.
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    Will GRFS2 be a next Gen game?? For SP, non linear, no scripted scenarios, 2 ghost (AI, or Co-op buddy), more character customization, keep gunsmith but more weapons, make SP longer and more challenging.

    For MP, custom lobbies/games, ranked rooms, variant maps, 8v8 in bigger maps 6v6 CQ maps, better non respawn mode than seige, for clans reward them for the had work (In Bloom post), clan patches, and dedicated servers. Sorry for the quick post. Try to add more later.
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    Also, to add to my previous post, could we make Conflict feel less like a Health Club, and more like a Gym?
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    I have a few tips for the devs:

    1. When you set things like sniper power, sentry guns power & ammo, etc. Write down the reason you set it like you did, that way when a user complains about how it's OP, broken, etc. you just copy paste the reason it is like it is into the forum. No need to change a thing. Just a little CTRL C, CTRL V.

    2. When you leave out a needed part of the game, have a meeting and come up with a believeable excuse why it was left out. "We think it's better if you play with people you know." has got to be the stupidest, lamest, most ridiculous excuse I have ever heard to not include multiplayer matchmaking. If you're going to lie to us, at least put some effort into it.

    3. If your game is never going to allow an 8v8 match then it should never say that it will - not on the box, not in the lobbies, never. You can't just duck this by saying "oh, but it allows for 8v8 custom matches that make no difference to your stats". If you say 8v8 then the game better allow it - in real lobbies.

    4. Splitting your Multiplayer base is dumb. You want to sell maps - I get it, you're not going to unless you change your name to Call of Duty - Ghost Recon. Give the maps away, find something else to sell.
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    Originally Posted by PublicVermin Go to original post
    Also, to add to my previous post, could we make Conflict feel less like a Health Club, and more like a Gym?
    A good topic first one in weeks and look who the first troll is.

    One of the few losers still on this game and you respond to everyone of my posts when they have nothing to do with you.

    I invited you to come see me last friday what happened?

    Nothing can make respawn good other then tons of beer and loud music.
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    Here is my single play wish list:

    1. Make the tutorial optional. In GRFS its really annoying on the second or third play through.
    1. Clean up the HUD clutter, or best yet, give the player control over it. Let me remove everything if I want.
    1. Remove the gadgets. The arctic missions are my least favorite in GRFS because of that drone you have to control. It wasn't even a shooter at that point, never mind tactical. Know what kind of game you are making (a shooter) and do that really well. Leave the kitchen sink out.
    1. Stop with the rails sequences. I know you want to a make cinematic game, but these are frustration and not fun.
    1. Open-ended maps. GRFS was a very linear game, despite what we were told to expect.

    And my multiplayer list:

    1. Fix it. For real. (You may need to start from scratch.)

    These are the biggest things for me.

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    No1 said it was gonna be GRFS2 we may get graw3 or maybe a FPS again.
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