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    Ac3 Singleplayer + Multiplayer

    Sol i wanna ask you guys.How can i make the weather snowy when i finished the game because i am spending a lot of time playing it and i really want a snow?I have completed the game but is there ANY like ANY way to get snow back ???!!!
    And my second question is.How can i knife stun???! i have not searched the forums yet but please send me a link for a video that shows or something. Or tell me if its just a lagg but i dont think it is i meen shenmue36 does it and squiiddishreturns does it ! Go watch them they are awesome !
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    When you do the pivots after finishing the game they unlock animus hacks you can use. One of them lets you switch between summer and winter.

    As for multiplayer stuff i cannot answer. I don't play multiplayer on ac.
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    oll my god thank you sol much !
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    For multi-player, you have very limited control. You can change the weather when setting up a wolfpack game, but subsequent matches in that lobby will again have random weather. You would also be able to control the weather in the training section.
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