Hello everyone.

Recently, a third-party modification for the FarCry 3 Editor on PC was published, allowing maps to pass the Validation check despite having vehicles, weapons and AI etc. in them.
Bypassing the Validation check can be used to publish a map which does not conform with the rules set up for Multiplayer maps, thereby allowing it to enter the MP Playlists.
Adding these things to an MP map can cause unforeseen consequences with the backend systems that manage our online environment, player profiles, leaderboards and in the worst case causing instability.

We strongly advise against using third-party modifications to try and get around these systems. Any attempt to do so may result in your UPlay account losing it’s privilege to upload maps, either temporarily or permanently.
We don’t like having to restrict players in their modding of the game. But if it risks ruining the game for other players, we have to draw the line there.

It is already possible to make a map containing, among other things; Vehicles, and to upload them for “Single player”/”Private Match” use. But not to publish them for reasons stated above.

Regards, The FarCry 3 Live Team.