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    Ubisoft Phone Support...um?

    So I got an e-mail reponse from my ticket today telling me to phone tech support.

    I just phoned them and the guy on the phone was absolutely dumbfounded when I mentioned to him about the low-GPU usage/FPS issues inherent in AC3. He had no idea.

    He looked at my Dxdiag files, some screenshots I had posted and he put me on hold to speak to his "Gamelead". He said I shouldn't have any problems running AC3 maxed out with my system.

    I said, "Look. I am not trying to troubleshoot. I know the game is broken, all I want is for you to take my information, pass it to the devs and get it fixed for everyone."

    He told me he was going to bring it up the chain of command.

    I can only hope...

    I urge anyone with this problem to do the same, the number is: 919-460-9778.
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    geez, they still hire actual humans to answer actual phones? i thought that practice was all but dead. that's kinda neat.
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