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    AC2 spot in question...

    Hey guys,

    im going to be Rollin back to old AC titles for fun my question is , I realized Ezio nor Altair ever take off that hood like Connor, is it something story wise or plain game play ?

    hope you can answer

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    i think its more to do with the gameplay and his character ,

    Ezio only takes his hood of during the cut scenes in AC2 , but he does have his hood down during the first sequence of brotherhood when your escaping the vault in the sistine chapel ,

    But from an AC3 point of view i would say its to do with Connors character more than anything as he is a Native America Assassin and from what i have read it was custom for these guys to shave their hair in a mohawk hairstyle when going into battle as was belived to intimidate the enemy and show a sign of power and strength .
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    Ive just gone back to playing AC2!! such a brilliant game, the best AC game still. Ezio is pretty much on the run/in hiding the whole game so it makes sense his hood would always be up?. He has it down in most of the early cut scenes.
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