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    This is unbelievable

    So the great forum moderator Black_Window9 give me infraction because i said this
    The best thing is go to the shop and get a refund while you still can.This game is a mess many bugs + 5-10 FPS in Boston.You dont want to waste 60$ on this trust me in the forums.I only said the truth the game is broken low FPS and many many bugs.So what is next you will ban me because i said the game is broken which is 100% true.(As a PC gamer who payd 60$ for AC3). I expect that Mr_Shade to withdraw the infraction because he seems like a nice who tries to help you as much as he can not like Black_Window9 who only gives infraction.
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    AntiChrist7's Avatar Senior Member
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    Jul 2009
    Strange, if the game is broken, how do i have 150+ hours on it....
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    Mr_Shade's Avatar Senior Community Manager
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    Nov 2009
    Well if you had spoken to the person who gave you it, she may have removed it..

    however now you started a public thread to complain about it, I think it needs to stay..

    it was given for spam / trolling - if you constantly post misleading information in threads which are asking for help, that's considered trolling..

    As you can already see, some have no problems, so a blanket statement about the game being "broken" is misleading and may stop people from getting help.

    FYI she is a Forum Manager, not a Moderator.
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