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    Game crashes a lot with SLI and without it

    Hi! I have the latest nvidia drivers (310.70) and the latest verison of the game (1.01) and it seems that the game it's very poorly optimized.

    My System:

    MB: Gigabyte X79-UD5
    GPU: nVidia 580 SLI
    CPU: Intel i7-3820

    My Game Settings:
    Resolution 1920x1080 60Hz,
    Environment: Hight
    Texture: Hight
    Shadows: High

    The problem is that if I disable the SLI settings I get better FPS but the game crashes a lot, I tried with SLI and It crashes less with it crashes at random places. I tried setting the .exe properties at Windows XP SP3 compatibility mode and it helped (but still crashing).

    Are they planning to release a new version or a new nvidia drivers? The problem is that now i can't sell the game (I would play the XBOX but...)

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    edit: nevermind
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    Try to run it as an administrator. Instruction how to do it you have in my faq, point 5. Faq in my signature.

    Setting compatibility with elder windows makes no sense. The game is designed to run under windows vista/7/8. Compatibility mode makes sense only for elder applications from pre-vista times.
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    SLI isn't supported right?
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    SLI is supported prior release, do you have your CPU/Vid cards/memory Overclocked?
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