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    Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you!
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    Razor, I have created this topic last-week-ish. It points down in detail implementations the Editor could use, please let me know if they are reasonable and possible, starting with Mission Creator GUI.

    Thank you!
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    Razor, your commitment is outstanding! You do so much for the community.

    Its kind of funny how you could get this to work in this short amount of time, and the Dev with all them resources cant/ or wont.

    Makes you wonder why they just simply wont do this, atleast for PC, they can handle it. You know for Custom maps only then if it ruins teamplay. ( wich it dont but whatever )

    What would Far Cry 3 be without you Razor : ) Thank You
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    free roam coop would be nice but, yeah i can dream :

    nice work anyway. thank you for your hard work and dedication.
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    Originally Posted by bebed0r Go to original post
    free roam coop would be nice but, yeah i can dream :

    nice work anyway. thank you for your hard work and dedication.
    Free roam co-op is my one wish!!!
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    Amazing Razor! Thank you!
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    Thanks to all of you!

    To all of you requesting Co-op in the SP world; I can nearly assure you it'll happen some day, as I got the FC2 singleplayer world loaded in the MP back in the days. Just gotta do the same for the FC3 SP world. I can't say any exact dates... Probably before the next summer, though.

    Also yes-- everybody is able to play the maps. Even those including the more powerful vehicles.

    EDIT: @Kantham
    • Mission Creator - Possible as a external tool. (Not inside the editor itself though, as we don't have the source code).
    • Loadouts - Possible through hacky ways, such as script entities that give you a specific loadout on spawn.
    • Probability Spawners - Totally possible if a mission script creator is done. The mission scripts are Lua, and can be hand made. They require custom objects though.
    • Mission Goals - Possible through the mission script creator.
    • Ledges - Most likely possible. I'll see if I can add those entities in the editor for the next version.
    • Vegetation - Not possible without editing the world files.
    • Importing Textures - Possible through Rick's tools.
    • Terrain Dimensions - Unfortunately, hardcoded. I can increase the map size, but you can't edit anything after 512 coordinates.
    • Limitations - Hardcoded
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    Awesome! Going to check it out now Razor.

    Thanks for the hard work man.
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    So the maps will validate making them downloadable?

    Also, thanks for this!
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    Thanks for working on this, did you get the game like a day or so ago? That was fast!

    Originally Posted by razorfinnish Go to original post
    • Add more objects from the SP in to the editor (Suggestions appreciated!)

    Here's what I would like to see in a great single-player mission editor that would let us create our own proper SP missions. I don't know how many of them are doable but they're all stuff that Ubi really should and could have put in.

    1. An options panel for single-player features like these that you can turn on and off:

    • More holsters
    • Knife takedowns, and maybe the ability to do other takedowns like the knife and grenade takedowns
    • Wing suit
    • Ability to swing the knife in the first place
    • C4, mines and molotovs!!!
    • Ammo count options, basically now you have unlimited ammo and 100 grenades which is silly
    • Ability to pick how many health bars the player starts with.
    • Other abilities, like sliding when crouching in a sprint
    • Options for weapon upgrades, like scopes and silencers

    2. The ability to play the missions in the actual game rather than only in the mission editor, which is scaled-down graphics wise and for example does not have V-sync. (is that what this mod lets us do now since you can publish them with AI and vehicles I guess?) Also you can't use a gamepad in the editor.

    3. Ability to set triggerable objectives, like kill every enemy on the map or take over a base, or kill a certain guy or grab a certain item or use C4 on a certain object (like maybe blow up a gas station). Once you achieve the objective you'd win the mission.

    4. Ability to set behavior and skill levels of the AI. Currently they are very single-minded and while they won't notice you unless you are near them, once you get spotted every enemy on the map will start charging after you. Having 20 guys chasing after you like Benny Hill is silly. Would be nice to set behavior like "short-range patrol," and to be able to set where on the map they will roam. Currently they tend to walk to shorelines and stand around there like they're stuck. AI skill options like veteran/average/rookie would be good. Also it seems like the AI won't drive any boats, and they won't drive certain vehicles, but usually it seems like they will get in any jeep and start chasing after you in it.

    5. Bigger maps! I can see why they would limit the size for MP due to lag, but for SP it's silly.

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