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    Posted it the wrong place haha
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    @razorfinnish, any sort of ETA on the next update?

    If it isn't any time soon, would you mind doing that writeup on how you got to load a map for coop? I've tried changing the services of FCXTeamDeathMatch to the same ones that FCXCoop uses, but couldn't get it working.
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    Originally Posted by razorfinnish Go to original post
    Once I get some nice stuff done myself I'll write a step-by-step tutorial.
    Any progress on this :3?
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    That doesn't sound good. I bet they'd take this less lightly than people running around with speed hacks in the multiplayer.

    I would personally advise Razor to focus on the singleplayer aspect since the multiplayer aspect of this game is so much of a joke, with all due respect. Best stay out of trouble over something that's not even worth the effort and is ban-risky IMO/TBH.
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    Kantham, I followed everything written on this thread. I agree on what you have just said but I have to correct you. Use mod editor, and then validate maps with BOTS and vehicles in multiplayer is definitely not risky if the maps are not published. And then simply just load and play private games with friends. If you read the good news about the maps Hacked Team Ubisoft just says not to publish maps and then not find them in the playlist Multiplayer.
    Razor looks with great joy, an updated version of this mod with the ability to operate the artificial intelligence in private maps in multiplayer. You're a genius!
    Thank =)
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    I will most likely continue working on it, yes. Also getting the AI work in MP isn't really just changing the services. You need to do some painful map file editing to get it loaded in the co-op itself.

    I'm not home for two or three weeks, now, so I can't keep on working while I'm gone, unfortunately. No ETAs, either.
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    It's cool, I understand.

    Could you tell me what tools you used to edit the maps, so I could try and figure it out myself? Is there some sort of map unencrypting tool, or did you just hex edit?

    Also, do you know where the built-in coop maps are located? I would imagine all compiled into some data file somewhere, but I can't seem to find it.

    Edit: Just found out Dunia has a map unpacker, checking it out.
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    Would you also be able to add extra ground textures? The more the merrier when it comes to options. Thank you for working so hard on all of this, we all very much look forward to what you have in store!
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    @razorfinnish I'm trying to figure out how to recompile the map, but I can't seem to figure it out or find any documentation. How do you recompile a map? I've tried various options with pack but the file size is always different.

    edit: In the meantime, I am making a "MapPack" project, reverse engineering it from MapUnpack. Right now it looks like none of the serializers are implemented, so I am probably going to have to do that....

    Hopefully you speak up with an "Hey, that's already been done!" before I get too deep in.
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    @ razorfinnish
    Thanks for letting us updated on the current situation. Now I can sleep happy knowing that one day I will be able to have this great change can create maps for Coop mode.
    I have a question for you.
    downloaded the mod, there are 3 folders with no name. in the second folder there are plants (they look the same as the SP in order to climb to up wall).
    If at the end of your mod updated you can add the objects of MP (EXAMPLE: jars, bottles, buckets, boxes, etc.. Etc..), But with a small difference. The objects of the single player have the physics, those of MP no.
    It 'Possible?
    Thank you.
    You're the best =))
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