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    Keypad codes

    Can anyone post the codes they used to get into rooms locked by a number keypad? Some of them I can't figure out for the life of me....even when I see partial numbers. Thanks!
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    The keypad code at Buckingham Palace is 4324
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    Just play a game like it is meant to be played... if u need to ask for keycodes you obvisouly are not up to the game and should go buy "Power Puff Girls" for Nintendo DS or something.

    Keypad codes are random, and if you cannot solve the puzzle, just skip them as later in the game (wont take long) you will receive a scanner pad upgrade which allows you to hack stuff i.e. see the numbers instead of cryptograms et cetera.

    You can then easilly backtrack to the doors you couldnt solve before to scan them and you will see the code's in numbers on your screen.

    Good luck!
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