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    Activation code already in use.

    Hey, after my Hard drive died I tried launching ACB from my steam, entered my Cd key and I got a message saying "This CD Key or Activation Code is already in use with another Uplay Account. For more information please contact Ubisoft Support." I clearly purchased the game because it's on my steam and I only have one Uplay account. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!.
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    Hi, activation keys can only be used once, you need to sign in with the Uplay account you used to originally activate the game.
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    Thank you for the fast reply! but as I said originally I only have one Uplay account so it's impossible, also it seems that every game I had on my Uplay account is not saved on there anymore.
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    Did you purchase it through Steam or Ubishop? You should be able to re-download your already activated games from whatever system you bought it from (Steam/Uplay).

    I had a failed HDD and fortunately I was able to re-download one game from Steam and another from Uplay.
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    I purchased the game through Steam, and I have re-downloaded the game however when I click the game Uplay launcher opens and requests a Cd Key. The problem is that Uplay for some reason doesn't recognize that I've already activated the game, Thanks.
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    Be sure you open the game via Steam, and not via the launcher itself. Steam will open Uplay launcher for you and it shouldn't ask for a cd key anymore then.
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    I do, when I launch the game via Steam Uplay launches and asks for a Cd Key, Thanks for the help.
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    I actually have no idea why that happened to you.

    I am a Steam user myself, my Hard Drive was damaged in someway so I had to fully delete all I had on my computer (same as you) but when I downloaded AC:B again it worked without the requirement of CD-Key. Are you a mac user / windows user?
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    Yes this is certainly strange, this is the third computer I've had and have had no problems re-installing the game until now, it was fine until one of my Hard Drives failed I really don't know why this is happening it seems like all of my purchases have disappeared. I'm using Windows 7 do you need anything else?
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    Honestly I don't really care about ACB, I really just want to find a fix just in case this happens when I buy AC 3. Thanks to everyone who is taking the time to help!
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