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    Resetting options outside of game.

    Is there anyway to reset the options from outside the game? Since was trying out my Vsync in hopes to stop the stuttering, but now my game wont even get past the splash screen. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it seems like it's keeping the options on instead of resetting them back to default. Does anybody know how I can reset it all to default?
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    In Document/My Games/Far Cry 3/ there will be a "GamerProfile.xml" file. If you delete it Far Cry 3 will automatically recreate it with the default settings.
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    Hud/screen size problem

    When I first started up mu game, (on ps4), a screen was displayed for adjusting brightness and editing video image/hud borders. After I started playing, i realized that I had put the video borders too far out, and some of the hud was cut off. When I went to settings, the only thing I could find was adjust brightness. I then proceeded to delete mu game, and then re-download it, hoping to reset the video settings to default, so that first set-up screen would be displayed. It did not work. I then proceeded to delete all the progress and game files off my ps4. When I started the game up, the brightness setting appeared, but after I set that up, nothing else came up. I have searched and searched, and I have came up with just a bunch of solutions that don't work. Help!!!!
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    Hey, i know this doesnt really fit here but when i delete this gamerprofile file and i boot up the game after and bump up everything to max it runs well over 60 fps but when i restart the game after all that it runs below 30 fps, pls help
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