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    [MOD] Enchance to weapon holster [1.05] !

    Hello there,
    if annoyed walking around with a gun allways - try this modification. The original function force show allways the current weapon and the hack block/change this.

    Warning! Use own risk! This mod is harmless and don't affect the a multiplayer game experience but I don't recommend how use online play.

    The result: force stays any weapons in own holster if you make an operation with both hand - or similar cases.

    Work after:

    - driving
    - swimming
    - use glider, wingsuit / parachute or zipline
    - use ladder
    - healing / syrenge (use medikit or other stuff)
    - collect any item with animation (like loot with corpses or collect any leaf, hide)
    - falling higher place (you damaged)

    If you leave a friendly area like Amanaki town, or leave any house your weapons stays in own holster.


    How to make?

    Just run any hexeditor - like hxd or 010 - and open the FC3.dll or FC3_d3d11.dll (depend your config -- dx9 / d11). (Please backup first!)

    Search this hex array (1.05):
    06 00 83 7E 40 01 75 04
    and replace to
    06 00 83 7E 40 00 75 04
    That's all. I tested many hours without any errors.

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    Hey Tom, this is Dashie from TDUCk.. Cheers for this. Great work. I will give this a go tonight.
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    Cool. Wish somebody would figure out how to disable the horrible yellow glow on items and corpses.
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    is it possible to change some of the damages of the weapons by using HxD?
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    Mmmh nice!
    But any chance on being able to wield a knife, instead of just slashing it for a second?
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    Beater1no's Avatar Member
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    Dec 2012
    thanks a lot OP things getting better and better

    scythe: YES! that would be cool to have a selectable knife. i knew there was something i missed.
    i hope this is possible.
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    Do you think it would be possible to program a specific key to be able to holster an equipped weapon?
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    HaraDaya's Avatar Member
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    That's really really cool. It always bothers me how everything I look at, I'm pointing my gun at. And sometimes I want to walk around without it at the ready.

    There's also a lowered weapon state available too somehow, it seems to activate after some missions. If you can figure out how to toggle between raised and lowered we'd have even more tools for immersion. And yes, a toggle key would be nice. But I suppose it's not that easy to get into the keybindings yet.

    Still good work on this.
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    Ohh very nice thing you figured out. This is one of my biggest needs in this game. I was about to find where texture for binoculars is and try to get rid of all those numbers on screen and have no weapon that way. Since luckily binoculars screen is just like original when zoomed out. I can't believe they did not try to do weapon holding mechanics more close to gta4. Weapon constantly pointing out is destroying open world experience for me. So unrealistic too.

    And just by pressing melee, weapon goes away.
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