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    Improved FC3 PC Editor: A community effort/request

    Hello, PC Modders, mod watchers, Far Cry 3 players, Ubisoft.

    Modding/Patching the FC3 editor: As a veteran hobbyist level designer, I create this topic aiming at the flaws concerning the PC version of the editor. This topic will discuss the following 2 aspects:

    Mission creations / AI: Overview
    People started petitions and had high demands for AI functionality in the FarCry 2 editor. Ubisoft have responded with these concerns by providing fully functional AI in the Editor for FarCry 3. The problem? Everything, except the AI. Nothing is available to make use of them. The player is strictly limited to placing them in their level and are only available for testing purposes.

    This is exemplary of wasted potential. Simple implementations could greatly improve this problem.

    Far Cry 3 PC Editor – Limitations: Overview
    From consoles comes an editor that is basically built for the platform that it was ported from. This works great for the X360. However, PC mapping veterans will be shocked to learn what is inside. While the tool is somewhat powerful and provides enough ‘options’ to make a simple, functional level, the limitations for the PC platform makes no sense. For instance, Ubisoft removed the limitation for AI/Props placement on the PC Editor, but they have kept the limitations for everything else.

    Add a PC editor interface, nothing else is different from the console version?

    We’ll look at all the things that could be implemented that could potentially improve greatly this tool.



    Current State: Anyone who wishes to play single player levels will only be able to do so via the editor. The tool itself offers a in-editor game option, this is at best for testing purpose, it is not meant to experience gameplay, and as such it is extremely limited to all users.

    Possible Solution: Have a mini-launcher executable that would run the game with the user's desired custom map. A loadout option could even be implemented there (read master loadouts below)


    Current State: There are no weapon/perk/crafted loadout assigned to the player. As such, the player can not be customized by the level designer. This is a major problem, because the player is entirely stripped from any perks available in the game, resulting in major game mechanics lacking durring gameplay, such as takedowns, passive abilities, ETC. Also, because the player has no crafted holster(s) he/she may only carry one weapon at a time

    Possible Solution: A in-editor interface. The loadout interface would consist of the following:

    -*Button leading to another interface with all the in-game perks available in a True/False fashion*
    -*Button leading to anoter interface with all the crafting ad-ons available in a True/False fashion *
    -Player appearance: *Drop down menu with all available character options*
    -Player has Gliding suit: True/False
    -Player has Machete: True/False
    -Player has Tagging Camera: True/False
    -Player has distraction rocks: True/False
    -Player has flashlight: True/False
    -Player Weapon socket 1/2/3/4: *Drop down menu with all available weapons in the game*
    -Player Weapon socket 1/2/3/4 Attachment 1/2/3: *Drop down menu with all available Weapon attachments in the game* (NOTE: might require a lot of testing; some weapon attachments might not be compatible with all weapons and/or have only 2 attachment possible on them)

    PROBABILITY SPAWNERS (Unpredictability/Replayability!)

    Current State: While the AI moves naturally around it's original spawn location, the AI will always spawn at their fixed starting location. This means the AI is predictable by location. (I.E. the sniper is always in tower X, the bear is always in Cage X, the list goes on)

    Possible Solution: Probability spawners; AI spawners (think multiplayer spawn points) which are specifically spawning respective types of AI’s: Snipers/Rocketers - Defenders/Chargers – Heavies – Carnivores – Herbivores

    To get back on earlier examples with the Snipers always being in Tower X, this would still apply, HOWEVER, there would be MANY snipers emplacements on the map, meaning the snipers COULD or could NOT be in Tower X. By such, it makes the player unaware of the situation, adds a challenge to him/her and also adds replayability.

    The probability rate should be adjustable by the mapper. For instance, if I decide to place a LOT of ProbSpawners in my level for added variation, I would want the ratio to be around ~15%.

    100% would mean the AI always spawn of course... defeating the purpose of this tool.


    Current State: There are no objectives, end goals, enemy tags, etc in the retail version of the game. The level designer are unable to set a simple “All targets/enemies have been eliminated” end screen, or “All objectives have been completed”

    Possible Solution: ELIMINATION: Implement a feature that will recognize the number of Alive AI left in the level (of specific group(s), for instance All Pirates/Privateers/Animals) and if the value is reaching the mapper’s specified value (default 0), end goal screen appears.

    ASSASSINATION: Add an in-editor option to tag any AI with “Is leader”, when all leaders are killed or the mapper’s specified amount has been killed, end goal screen appears.

    OBJECTIVE: Implement a in-editor actor that is manually placed by the level designer, if all the actors are activated or the mapper’s specified amount has been activated, end goal screen appears.


    MISSING GAMEPLAY ACTORS (Ziplines, Ledge Grabing)

    Current State: Critical gameplay elements such as Ziplines and Ledge grabbing are not possible in the editor.

    Possible Solution: If these actors are not too much trouble to implement, do so by adding them in the gameplay folder.


    Current State: There are no options for creating our own vegetation groups using the game assets. Sometimes we’d like to have a specific plant without the grass that comes with it. Details of the like. Additionally, Some assets such as grass will get aligned with the terrain, this is a nice feature, which is ignored on some vegetation props, such as small rocks floating above the terrain.

    Possible Solution: Anything allowing us to create our own groups would be appreciated, with option to set “Align with terrain: True/False”.


    Current State: One does not simply import texture into the FC3 editor. You’ll have to bare with us for a moment and enjoy a large variety of 3 interesting cliff textures.

    Possible Solution: This one might be tricky since these so called textures in the environment/shaders/materials are compositions of normals/speculars/diffuse tex/ETC. Such implementation would require a little bit of effort, if even possible.
    A basic interface to decide the very basic material composition would be appreciated.

    IMPORTANT: Additionally, all textures/materials MUST be saved inside the level.


    Current State: Creating a new map is so simple, you won’t have to fuss about the size of your map.

    Possible Solution: If possible, implement a pop-up window allowing mappers to define the size (by power of 2) of their terrain. Works with map generation? Sounds a bit risky.


    Current State: 4 textures at a time per terrain, 8 vegetation groups at a time. We don’t know these limitations, they make no sense.

    Possible Solution: Strip out the terrain limitations, or simply increase the max value to a number that would resemble to having no limitations.
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    Please Ubi, With Sugar On Top!

    If the devs feel that vehicles disrupt 'Teamplay', why not have a separate category for Custom Maps with Vehicles? Then anyone that agrees with Thier OPPINION can simply avoid that category! If multiplay on custom maps aren't 'Ranked' matches, then why restrict or omit any items in the first place? They have Bronze, Silver, & Gold Map Archives... well heck then; an OPEN FORMAT can be Platinum then, lol (just an example) ! Then let the players decide what they wanna play on! If they are buggy, lag, or just don't work, o well... then they will not get played. Ubi... choose Creative Options over Censorship! Please
    This game has already been shelved by my 50+ member clan that were HUGE fans and Long-time players of FarCry 2 (how sad is that?). We had Such GOOD Times with the custom maps too! I hope my 60$ ultimately gets me what I thought I was buying

    Slider_SF a.k.a. THK_Hero (Intrepid-Hero) from FC2 with well over 1000 hrs logged
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    Im doing alright with the editor at the moment but after i got a little into a map im designing i realised.. There is no real zipline tool, there are 3 preset polls with broken up zips on them (rendering them almost useless, to short to be usueful. This is a gamebreaker for this map and future ones i had in mind.

    Ill post a nice Screenshot of it in a sec its quite a macabre map.
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    I absolutely think they should fully unlock the editor, and adding mission functionality on top of that would be icing on the cake, but right now i wish we could use all the stuff in the editor online.
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    Slider, you think you can reformat your post with something that resembles to what I have in my first post? I am extremely unfamiliar with FC3's multiplayer at the moment so I can not speak the pro's and con's of it.


    Originally Posted by Brynnza Go to original post
    There is no real zipline tool, there are 3 preset polls with broken up zips on them.
    I have ran in the same problem. I did playtest them to find out if they actually any functionality at all. There are no ledge grabbing actors either, making it more difficult to climb things like high catwalks/roofs or the vines they have hanging on rock ledges in the campaign.
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    Yes! this is exactly what the game needs, I Have recently completed the Single Player and I am a experience map editor on the PC and I wish very much for all of these features to be implemented to the game. And as a suggestion how about:
    + you can take your single player character into your custom maps. XP will probably not be earn-able but would be nice to do something with my char after end game...
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    I like the fact, that somebody with knowledge is pointing the lacks of the editor.

    I play mostly SP since I don't like MP with strangers, and there is no LAN multiplayer. After finishing the campaign, I wanted to take a look at the editor, but its simpliness, and stripping off a lot of features - map size, mission tools etc quickly took me of. I'd love to get back to it and try to make some Indiana Jones style missions (like the ones with the knife), but right now, there can be only the terrain and the caves done.
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    Originally Posted by Kantham Go to original post
    Slider, you think you can reformat your post with something that resembles to what I have in my first post? I am extremely unfamiliar with FC3's multiplayer at the moment so I can not speak the pro's and con's of it.

    I'm not completely sure what your asking of me. You are much better at organizing your thoughts into a professional looking presentation than I. There have been so many documented bugs found within the multiplay, I wouldn't know where to start and I am no expert on this subject. My first 8 hrs played at release went very well without any severe issues. But within the past 9 hrs on multiplay;
    I have been the victim of random deaths by suicide (just running or covering an uncontested point)
    I have been stuck in place upon spawning as if my keyboard had stopped working but it was not my keyboard
    I have been on servers that the lag made it unplayable
    My loadouts never save and some of my weapon levels as well (they are addressing this issue though)
    also the constant firing weapon glitch (reminisent of FC2 days)

    These bugs have effected both myself and friends I've played with as well

    My argument has been and remains Custom Map Validation. Simply put, they have censored certain aspects and items found within thier Level Editor from map validation & online play to 'protect' and 'preserve' teamplay within the multiplayer community. The community can and should decide for themselves what custom maps they are willing to subject themselves to and what types of teamplay they enjoy. Ubi simply needs to create an Open Format online map archive and unlock all tools within the Level Editor for only that archive (for Non-Ranked Play)! Perhaps they intend to do that in the future as a Purchased DLC / 'Money Grab'... If that is the case, they have only damaged the games early appeal to an extent that will likely make the multiplayer servers ghost towns by the time they release the DLC (resulting in a worthless purchase for us map-makers). Ofcoase, now I'm being hypothetical and Ubi has to FIX the Disasterously Bugged multiplay for any of this to matter!

    Then there is also the problem with maps just sitting in the archives NOT being played and NOT being rotated into play. You either have to rely on dumb luck for your map to see any play or have 8 friends/playtesters 'in your pocket' that will join to get your map kick-started. I did have that up until my clan mates decided the multiplayer sucks too bad (at the moment) and ditched it before I could finish my first map
    lol, I don't put a map in unless it is fully finished, quality assured, and In my mind ready... which takes a really long time. Too many lame maps in the archives already
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    This looks great.
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