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    IS betting against the house mission MENT TO BE IMPOSSIBLE?

    i can not pass it, ive tired 300 *removed swear word* times, my chopper gets killed / blown up by people that arn't even on screen yet ! its *removed swear word* annoying and makes me want to uninstall this game !

    is there a glitch with this mission ? on pc.
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    Once in the air and moving fast enough for the 2nd pass of the airfield (i.e. as soon as you take down the boat + first 4WD): Aim to the far left of screen... try to blow up the buildings/vehicles and get splash damage on the RPG shooters before they get a chance to fire. Took me ~3 tries on the hardest difficulty on PC.

    If you manage the heat by only burst firing when necessary you save the 3 seconds it takes Jason to reload.
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    ive tried that. why the *removed swear word* does that idiot flying the chopper pass back over the air strip anyway, its behond a joke. i just had a 2 hour session OVER AND OVER tring to pass this mission .,. so mad lol
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    has anyone past this? lol
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    IVE JUST TRIED THIS AGAIN 100 ***ING TIMES AND STILL GET KILLED BY LIKE 30 RPGS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ffs ././
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    Well honestly you just aim at the enemy and shoot in bursts to manage heat. Then spray full out at vehicles/helis/boats/buildings until they explode. The guys always come from the exact same spots so unless you just can't see the guys standing between the forklifts or something... or you fail to shoot the guys in the bush before the 2nd bridge pass... I don't know what you can be doing wrong.
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    I SEE WERE THERE COMING FROM , ITS IN THE 3 PART . first part u take off > 2nd go past the first side i useally get hit once or twice there by people YOU CAN NOT AIM AT ! THERE NOT ON SCREEN TO *removed swear word* AIM AT YET, then i kill ppl on bridge . 3rd part were u fly over the air strip . there is a WALL of rpg's basicly like 5 - 10 of them !! all fire at once and wipe me out !!! and 3/4 of them ARE OFF SCREEN AND U CAN NOT *removed swear word* AIM AT THEM.. im runing 1.02 . this is really pissing me off

    edit: *removed swear word* this game.
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    Im playing this game on adventurer (easy) and this mission is impossible to be done. I have read tips, watched on youtube guides...
    Dev's can you make it easy on this dificulity?
    Anybady have found any cheats to for hp of helicopter?
    It's F. frustrating. Dev's making frustrating game is good? Not evrybady is hitman with reflex of superman.
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    Average player. Medium difficulty. Version 1.02. Made it on my first try. Would love to give some more advice than "burst firing" (which was actually good advice), but really didn't do anything particularly special ...
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    This thread is lol. I passed it first time no problems. The chopper seemed to be on 1% health but even though it kept getting hit it never went down. Guess glitches can work in your favour too.
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