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    Forge of Champions

    Forge of Champions

    The best Deck Builder ever existed on Duel of Champions

    This tool it's under Kimmundi Seal of Approval

    Feel like supporting?

    The program is completely free and with no restriction regardless if you donated or not.
    Donation supports the developer and make it possible to keep Forge of Champions Updated and with new features.


    • Color coded Cards:
    The card listed are composed of 2 colorts:
    The left side indicates the Faction/School of the card.
    The right side indicates the type of the card following this legend:
    • Search Filters:
    You can use the toggles and the buttons provided to search for a card by its type, effect, name or attribute
    • Multiple language support:
    The app is aviable in 8 languages: Dutch, English, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese,Russian and Spanish
    • Bar Chart to keep track of the stats based on quantity

    • Share your decks online with the Share function! Use the Share button in your deck builder, then copy the url that will pop up in your browser window and share it with your friends! No download or subscription required! Click Here to check for an example

    • Test your deck into the deck Simulator: you will need a valid deck composed of at least 59 cards in total to use this feature. Once you are good to go, you will see the "Test Draw" button be aviable. Click on it and you will be able to Shuffle and draw cards from your deck. You can also simulate multiple draws immediately and check the 3 most recurrent cards in those outcomes

    • Draft deck construction

    • Play Mode: you can play your drafted decks inside the program itself

    Note on how to Download

    When clicking on the respective download link, you will be prompted to an Ad page: that's used to partially support the app development.

    I've received some report of some ppl having problems downloading it so i will give a brief explaination here:

    Once the page is loaded you will see a counter on the upper right side of your browser screen. The counter will change to a "Next" button that will lead you to the download page.

    Remember: the file it's ALWAYS a .rar file and never an .exe file

    Need Support?

    If you find any issue or something missing, be sure to report the issue here on the forums and i will be glad to support you.

    You can find meint the Chat

    or get in touch on the social networks here:

    You can download Forge here:

    Latest Version : 2.8a









    Changelog v2.8a

    - Fixed an issue with adding cards to the deck

    Changelog v2.8

    - Buildings are now counted towards Total Deck counter
    - You can use the attribute filters even without having to type anything in the search bar
    - Added a Sort button for the deck: you can sort card by their cost or by their respective Stat
    - Added a Clear button to clear the current deck loaded

    Changelog v2.7a

    - Fixed some bugs with the new filters

    Changelog v2.7

    - Fixed an issue with decks made previous to 5 tower expansion causing crash
    - Added filters for Factions
    - Added filters for Spell School
    - Added filters for Expansion
    - Fixed some minor glitch
    - Revisited the filters UI to implement the new filters

    Changelog v2.6

    - Added Hand Display icons to take count of the number of cards in the hand of each player
    - Added a counter for opponent's cards left in his deck
    - Added a button on the bottom left side of the screen to handle Deck/Hand related actions
    - Added "Show hand" action to show your hand to your opponent
    - Added "Show Deck" action to show your deck to your opponent
    - Added "Put Card on Top" action to put a card in your hand, on top of your deck
    - Added "Search Deck" action to seaarch a card throught your deck
    - you can now draw cards by clicking on the bottom left icon and select "Draw". "Shuffle" it's also aviable via the same icon
    - Fixed an Issue with cross-language play mode
    - Polished some UI issues in the Draft Mode
    - When saving a drafted deck, you will be returned to the Draft main menu

    Changelog v2.5

    - Start of Draft Mode Beta

    Changelog v2.4a hotfix

    - Fixed an issue with the decklist now displaying card in the right order/properly

    Changelog v2.4

    - Changed some UI elements to make more space
    - Added a button to order cards by type or name
    - Added Wildcard cost for each card in their description
    - Made the Draft Deck Construction Mode aviable to everyone
    - Updated attributes for new Melee Shooter types
    - Added new expansion cards
    - Added a Building filter
    - Made the app faster on startup

    Changelog v2.2

    - Fixed a bug with the chart not properly updating when loading a deck
    - Fixed a bug with the filtering system that won't get the neutral cards be displayed
    - Improved Filtering system
    - Added a counter to keep track of the Total number of cards
    - Added the Max Might,Magic and Destiny Counter
    - Added a Test Draw button to access the Simulator
    - Simulator lets you test your draws with the current deck loaded

    Changelog v2.0

    - Added Share functionality
    - Added sexy card shadow
    - Updated the database with the new card changes
    - Introduced Heritage
    - The app will automatically check if a new version is aviable

    Changelog v1.8

    - Fixed some bug related to filtering/searching
    - Fixed a bug with adding/removing cards from deck
    - Fixed a bug related to the ammount of event cards you could put in the deck
    - Added a Resource Filter
    - Added a Might Filter
    - Added a Magic Filter
    - Added a Destiny Filter
    - Added an Attack Filter
    - Added a Retaliation Filter
    - Added an Health Filter
    - Added a Chart to keep track of the Might/Resource/Magic/Destiny ammount of cards
    - Added The respective card stats (Might/Destiny/Magic/Resource) in the Deck section to track card stats in your deck faster
    - Cards in the Deck are now sorted by Resource Cost
    - You don't need the game to be installed on your machine to use the deck builder

    Changelog v1.3

    - Drastically improved card listing and filtering
    - Solved some bugs preventing some effects and cards to show up in the card list
    - Added support for 7 more languages (Dutch,Spanish,Italian,French,Russian,Portuguese,P olish)
    - Added filtering by effect and by attribute
    - Added "ALL" button to select all the card types in 1 click
    - Added a "None" button to deselect all the card types in 1 click
    - Solved some formatting text issue
    - Resource,Might, Magic, Destiny are now highlighted in green
    - Attack, Retaliation, Health are now highlighted in red
    - Added an highlight on the current selected card in the card list
    - Added card list navigation by using W and S keys or Up and Down arrows
    - Added Fast Insert: by holding the Left Shift key and double clicking on a card, the max quantity will be added to the deck list
    - Added counters to keep track of the total number of card for each card type
    - The App will now find automatically your Duel of Champions folder in order to load database data

    Changelog v1.0

    - Deployed the new deck builder version
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    Shikao87's Avatar Member
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    Nov 2012
    Very nice job! =] Working pretty well on my laptop.

    Please do something about resizing the window. Disable it completely or ensure it's not possible to change height:width ratio.
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    Yes at the moment i worked on fixed window but will do something about it (since i have to fit it to a smartphone screen).

    What's your problem with it btw?

    PS Can you provide the Operative System you're using it on so i can have a list on where it works and where not (if any)
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    Shikao87's Avatar Member
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    Nov 2012
    For example, you can make it very tall, but narrow and thus it becomes unreadable.

    Windows 7 Pro
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    r3tsa's Avatar Senior Member
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    Jul 2012
    I'm asking just out of curiosity: In what language have you written it?
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    It's in Java but just because it can run on android too (iOS support can be done too in the future)
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    Screens from the new version:

    Made some improvements on the look of the interface (except for the Filter section that is still work in progress).
    Bugs are fixed and search bars works like a charm. I'm going to add more filters for the search before releasing the version, but first i need some opinions on the new interface.

    Also i wish to know if you prefer high resolution image or are cool with lower resolution:

    The difference it's the space they occupy (122MB for high resolution vs 41 of the lower resolution)

    PS: android version is in internal testing phase :P
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    I havent tested it yet, cause it is too large for my internet quote in the office.

    But when a user starts creating a deck, can you implement something so that only heroes come up in the list? That way, the user chooses his hero first. Then all the cards in that huge alphabetical list either stays there / or disappears according to the hero choice. That would really clean up the card list good. Having 50 choices instead of 200 is much better for both you and the user.
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    Judging from the picture I like the distribution of areas, but I wonder if it wouldn't be possible and more pleasing to the eye to include a overall background image with boundaries between areas and so on. I would really like that.
    Regarding Hi-res or not: Would it be so difficult to release one Version each? I mean, when you hit something like a release candidate

    And some ideas regarding features: A graph tzhat shows you the distribution of cards over required might/magic/destiny levels and one graph showing you the cards per "cost-level". I hope you get what I mean....

    Edit: nice point from hydramarine.
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    @Hydramarine: That's totally doable since i was going to "fix" the list a bit so that is easier to be sorted out at the beginning: the plan is to set the Hero filter on at the beginning so that only heroes will be shown. I could also split the list in 2, 1 for heroes and 1 for the rest, but that was really ugly to look at.

    Tried also to have 1 list per type of card and the result was not that good at all (just a mess). But as i said it's completely doble, expect a release tonight or tomorrow. Next release is also smaller than the current one.

    @Faulesai: Don't look at the brown side and consider it empty (the color is there just to sort the overall layout). Initially i thinked of a background instead of a background for each section, the thing is that with a background most there is so much stuff covering it, and depending on the background, it could just result in a less readable text. I can give a try with a background but at the moment i want to focus on the filters first.

    About the high and low res: for the Android devices it's almost impossible to have an app of that size (122 MB) that's why i had to resize the images. I can provide 2 versions for sure, the thing is that it takes 1 hour for the High res version to upload, but it's just a matter of time so i can do that :P

    About the features you mentioned : if i got it, you mean like showing you how many cards have 2 might/magic,destiny for example? All these stats are work in progress and will be part of the filter (under which i will put deck stats, probably by reducing by half the card list and putting these stats at the right of the description panel)
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