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    PC--stuck on parry/deflect Quest on the boat


    So after downloading this game 4 times and it asking me for a dam CD 3 of those four times I FINALLY get it installed...the first real training part it says "HOLD E" to parry and deflect the attack.....Holding E tapping E just before the guy swings stops the strike and goes into slow-mo. After that no amount of hitting any other key on the keyboard does a single thing. I've tried to look up the mapping key for the game but have come up dry and have to say this is really....really stupid. Why would you give instructions on the first part but not the second half of the action? Just holding E doesn't complete what needs to be done.

    Any help would be grand!
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    You're supposed to do... nothing.
    Just Parry/Deflect.

    Holding E is a no-slow-mo block.
    Tapping E is a slow-mo with possibility to counter.
    You will counter... Only later.
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