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    Looks like the problem is a bad field definition. Fixes will be commit soon.
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    Originally Posted by inakrin Go to original post
    entitylibrary_full.fcb ---renamed---> entitylibrary.fcb and convert. B/c pure convert is just setting me with gibberish files.

    I was looking for improved FC3 animals folder which found in the entitylibrary_full.fcb
    Fixed in r140.
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    To totaly test this mod , i should finish all the game but i already played some hours withit without seeing any issues.

    With this mod , when player unlock an outpost it stay in a red zone ! Rakyats are coming to defend it but you still in red zone !! Meaning that you still can make pirates encounters !!

    -Once an outpost is unlocked , you will recieve 500 xp and 200$.
    -FastTravel to outposts in red area is impossible.
    -Once you quit the game the outposts are re-taken by pirates .
    -Animal hunt and Wanted quest of every outpost are unlocked from the begining so you can play them without unlocking an outpost.
    -Main mission outposts and safehouses left unmodified.
    -Outpost Safehouse in red area remain closed.

    Planing to do next release :

    -Give player a memorycard...because as the outpost is not unlocked the safehouse remain closed , so no access to the memory card.
    Why ? Because i didn't find the memorycard objectid ... maybe in a still encrypted file ?
    Or count the number of outposts taken by player and at 10 times unlock the weapon unlocked by memorycards.
    -Make different amount of xp bonus depend of how the outpost is unlocked ( stealthy , rambo style ... ).

    ps : Already unlocked outposts still unlocked :/ so if you already unlocked every outpost , you must restart a new game to take total benefit of this mod. But you can also unlock the outposts you want as fast travel point and then apply this mod .

    Link : https://hotfile.com/dl/185805710/78a...nd_v1.rar.html

    Faq :

    -How to install it ? Put it in your patch.dat and patch.fat ! How ? Read the first post .

    -As outposts are re-taken by pirates , if i die , i will spawn in the middle of pirates ? No , The game will spawn you in a safe house you already unlocked before using this mod , a radio tower , or in safehouses opened during mainquest ( like amanaki village , doctor's house etc ...).. but you will not spawn in an outpost that still red thanks to this mod. .

    If you see any issue please tell me , i will keep up this mod as updated as i can.

    Take Care,

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    Had some success with unlocking skills. Most of them unlocked and you still need skill points to activate them. I'm going to bed so Ive uploaded abilityservice.xml since that's where the changes are, if anyone's interested and wants to take a look and improve it.


    each skill is set out like this

    <object hash="3C541623">
    <object hash="E8D70A41">
    <object hash="A920C2D1">
    <field hash="ED07E47A" type="BinHex">53505F54616B65646F776E00</field>
    <field hash="FD416429" type="BinHex">C8F0D36C</field>
    <field hash="01350BC5" type="BinHex">00</field>
    <field hash="9890659F" type="BinHex">FFFFFFFF</field>
    <field hash="983C5A7F" type="BinHex">00</field>
    <field hash="01993425" type="BinHex">FFFFFFFF</field>
    <field hash="1D2B5021" type="BinHex">60234D4B</field>
    <field hash="658ABBE1" type="BinHex">00000000</field>
    <field hash="7E031EDA" type="BinHex">01</field>
    <field hash="C302EBAC" type="BinHex">55495C5C53696E676C65706C617965725C5C 566964656F5C5C5475746F7269616C5C5C30335F54616B6564 6F776E2E62696B00</field>
    <field hash="9970AA6F" type="BinHex">61630200</field>
    <field hash="D6DFB33A" type="BinHex">62630200</field>
    <field hash="A7D1126A" type="BinHex">01</field>
    <field hash="ED836987" type="BinHex">01000000</field>
    <field hash="A080A1B6" type="BinHex">05000000</field>
    <field hash="F7EF8EB3" type="BinHex">01</field>
    <field hash="325FA8B9" type="BinHex">4A41535F3036305F6D61696E00</field> <-------------THIS LINE IS WHAT MISSION THE SKILL IS UNLOCKED
    <field hash="56D09D73" type="BinHex">00</field>
    <field hash="F2CCD588" type="BinHex">01</field>
    <field hash="D1340889" type="BinHex">4669727374536B696C6C536861726B00</field>
    <field hash="1BF2E49E" type="BinHex">ED7F12A5</field>
    <field hash="5F9B2107" type="BinHex">00000000</field>
    <object hash="65BA3C6A">
    <field hash="0689054C" type="BinHex">FFFFFFFF</field>

    eg: 4A41535F3036305F6D61696E00 = JAS_060_main�

    anyway hope someone can make sense of my rambling
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    A huge thanks to you mate you rocks !

    In a few days we corrected all this game main remaining issues ! Yepeeeeeee !

    -Superfile v2 : Hud activate/desactivate ingame in a smart way.
    -Welcome to neverland : Ennemies keep spawning.
    -Ryacc666 wonderfull mod : Skills no need main missions anymore !
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    Originally Posted by R.Sporkington Go to original post
    Mission accomplished. Minimap removed entirely, left the health bar at like 20% opacity. Should have turned the text 50% grey (and will before I post the patch.dat/fat files) but here's a shot:

    There are other options available here. For example I could leave some of the icons at any level of opacity even without the big terrain rendering. Or you could put the health bar's opacity back up. Or remove it entirely. The text, as I said, is a mystery to me for now aside from changing its color.

    Here's the basic version. This includes the following changes:
    -Everything is now gone from the minimap. No icons, no terrain rendering, nothing's left. The world map is unchanged.
    -Health bar is about 40% opacity (it's more visible than the screenshot above). Same for the armor bar.
    -The health packs remaining text is no longer white, instead a neutral grey. I couldn't figure out how to make it disappear entirely without introducing a blank font.
    -The distance to waypoint text is unchanged. I couldn't find this in any .FEU file, and even if I did the best I could do is make it a different color.


    I might make some other variations if anyone's interested. For example I could put some of the icons back, or make a version with no health/armor bars at all. More importantly feel free to use what I did in your own mod. The files to get rid of the terrain rendering are in _UNKNOWN/gfx, there are 12801 of them and they're 1kb each (9kb if you go get them from your own fc3_main.dat). You also want the transparent "unknown" and "underground" minimap textures in ui\singleplayer\textures\hud\minimap (this is also where you find the textures for the fill on the health/armor bars).

    hi guys, i'd like to just patch this in the 1.04 , which files should i take from the extracted pack ? the last compilation have too many mods..
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    Originally Posted by Druide61 Go to original post
    Can you make this nice mod for patch 1.04 please ?
    i second this btw
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    Originally Posted by Ryac666 Go to original post
    Had some success with unlocking skills. Most of them unlocked and you still need skill points to activate them. I'm going to bed so Ive uploaded abilityservice.xml since that's where the changes are, if anyone's interested and wants to take a look and improve it.

    anyway hope someone can make sense of my rambling
    Well done with unlocking. Great finding!
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    Originally Posted by Kasel. Go to original post
    Guys, all these mods are looking amazing, can I use any of those in co-op or multiplayer mode? and if I will, is there a chance this account will get banned without warning?

    Great mods guys
    I need answer for this question
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    If you are worried, then don't play in multiplayer or coop with mods active. It's that simple. Modders cannot give a definitive answer on bans because they are not Ubisoft.
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