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    The 1.04 patch file only contained 13 new lua script?

    and this mean
    -- Script document: domino/library/sp/lib_defend.domino.xml
    -- User graph: outpost_sequence
    that the filename and path:

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    Originally Posted by Project_Kaine Go to original post
    Looks great! Thanks!

    The first post needs to be updated, or even better, someone should set up a website for FC3 modding... it's pretty clear we've gotten beyond the point of being able to track available mods effectively in a single forum thread...

    At least can we get some updates as to what mods conflict with 1.04 or are based on the 1.04 patch data? Raw versions of mods that have only been supplied as .dat/.fat would also be very helpful, as merging them into the new patch data is hard without knowing what files have changes and what are old 1.03 files!
    There is a wiki. Maybe give that more love
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    don't suppose anyone is working on a mini server browser , i'm not a programmer but wouldn't it be possible to redirect host data from where ever the games getting it to a simple program that lists lobbies and then gets the game to join whichever you choose?

    maybe show the hosts name as the servername, gamemode,map and a simple ping meter is all the info you'd need.
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    I'm sure many have already figured it out, but I figured I'd mention it. New patch (1.04) adds options to toggle off all notifications on the hud. The elements that cannot be toggled are health, armor, minimap, health packs, ammo, crouch, and camera tagging. It does include toggles for all the pop-up notifications, objective marker, grenade indicator, stealth indicators, and hit indicators.
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    Can someone summarise in a few words what the 1.04 patch has screwed over in terms of modding? If anyone can comment on Uplaysuxor's compilation pack specifically?

    I'm working late so don't have time to browse this thread.

    Thanks in advance.
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    What? In patch 1.04 you can not do anything with minimap? Well thats just not gonna cut it for me. I was hopping for Hud options like AC3 have. Or maybe even transparency adjustment, so i can have some stuff, but less intrusive. In that case modding is gonna be the only way to go for much longer then i thought. Probably forever.
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    NM, not modding question
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    Originally Posted by smashly66 Go to original post
    Simple mod nothing fancy, stops those annoying tutorial message boxes that pops up on the right hand side of the screen when in the game.
    eg: Press Esc to view tutorial on Detection

    Raw file ready for you to pack in to your patch.dat:
    I would love to get this, but there is no direct link. Just some ADWARE download manager and that ain't gonna happen. Every OS already has download manager i certainly don't need one with every datahost place like this just to get one little rar file. They just out of their mind. Mediafire or other like them is the way to go. Or you can paste changes in wrap directly in here. Thank you.
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    Hi. Anyone knows about XML(oasisstrings.xml) file compressing to .bin file?
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    Uploaded a new version of FC3 Swartz mod.

    FC3 Swartz mod compilation v1.1

    RAW VERSION: http://rghost.net/42415912


    *All weapons unlocked at start but you have to pay for them (note: towers will still give pop-ups saying you unlocked free weapons but you haven't)

    *Attachments mod with max attachment slots opened up

    *Wingsuit unlocked as soon as you complete the tutorial mission

    *All crafting recipes unlocked after you complete the tutorial mission

    *2nd island unlocked after tutorial mission Untested but should definitely work!

    *Modified wallet sizes to carry more money since you can end up with lots of money very easily in the game

    *Prices on almost everything modified. Good guns are now more expensive, some ammo is cheaper and some more expensive, and animal hides are now worthwhile (hunting a bear will net you $120 whereas something like a dog was originally $15 is now only $5)

    *Doubled the range of all guns

    *Slightly increased radius of all explosives including hand grenades (except the AI explosives, they remain the same)

    *Gave all weapons their real-life magazine sizes

    *Standardized damage across calibers (except for sniper rifles and LMG's). The bizon will no longer do so much damage but will instead do the proper damage of a 9x18mm bullet (same damage as the 6P9) [note: Changed these values slightly. Bizon and special variant of P416 do slightly more damge]

    *Hopefully increased max ammo capacity for the largest ammo pouches (may not work, untested)

    *You can now craft explosive arrows using white leafs (because it sucks having to waste a grenade making them. I'll release a version where this is optional or perhaps just harder to craft later)

    *"Cannon" signature revolver unlocked so you don't have to get it with UPlay points.

    *Player sprint speed increased by 15%

    *Laser beams on enemy sniper rifles have been disabled (it made spotting snipers too easy)

    *Better Sights mod included

    *Dereased XP earned from unlocking a tower to 500 and disabling an alarm increased to 200

    *Increased XP needed to reach each level a bit to compensate for all skills being available at start

    *Pistols with the exception of the Desert Eagle and revolvers will now shoot basically as fast as you can pull the trigger

    *Slightly increased the radius where you can interact with objects (even moreso with latest version)

    *Made Famas full-auto

    *Decreased recoil of Desert Eagle


    Gibbed/Rick/Leechmonger for Attachments mod v1.0
    Chorizosss for Wingsuit + all abilities unlocked AND activated at first crafting mission mod
    Chorizosss for Hereticus Weapons mod v1.0
    khenaz for Better Sights mod
    karmakgb for his prices adjustment mod
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