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    Originally Posted by DrDean Go to original post
    I did a combination of the fixed FOVs weapons along with the multiplayer attachments. No other mods included, as I only wanted those two. Thought I'd post it here in case anybody else was interested.

    Multiplayer attachments? Got archive but haven't find any real mp attaches, such as muzzle breaker for shoguns for example. What actually have you done?
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    All abilities upgradable from start ! (appear to NOT WORK but i let the post in case of someone can make it work )

    This mod SHOULD make all abilities upgradable from start , so you don't have to complete any main mission to use your gained skill points as you want.


    But it's untested , so if someone can give some feed back ...

    I added the raw file in the archive.

    What i did is simply edit the "domino/system/quicklaunchplayersetup.lua" and activate all abilities for the player level 2 , 3 and 4.
    The level 1 seems to have no abilities activated so i didn't add any. ( It seems to be the very begining of the game , when you escape Vaas camp ).

    As it seems to need a call to the "quicklaunchplayersetup.lua" ( that maybe is called every time you load your game , i don't know ) to work , you will maybe have to level up or finish a mission to gain the benefit of this file.

    The "Wingsuit Unlocked" mod by dj84722 do a call to this file , so in the worste case you can try withit.
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    Originally Posted by Jaca_dh Go to original post
    So, two things, that could be fixed by adding dedicated servers - we could use better editor, and you wouldn't have problems with your software.

    Is the "Editor Mod" thread hidden? I can post there and read it, but after my mentioning about your thread, it didn't show up on the map making main page. great job...

    EDIT: I hate censorship:


    leave that thread alone
    There has been no censorship, I can assure you. Some other users have replied that they can't see all the newest threads in that sub-forum for some reason. I have contacted some people to look into it.
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    not working. Better test next time
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    Originally Posted by inakrin Go to original post
    not working. Better test next time
    Ok thanks ! At work i can't test Only mod ! because noone is here except me ... everybody is on hollydays already.

    Did you tried finish a mission withit or level up ?
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    Originally Posted by Chorizosss Go to original post
    Ok thanks ! At work i can't test Only mod ! because noone is here except me ... everybody is on hollydays already.

    Did you tried finish a mission withit or level up ?
    Yup. Starting a new game for a clear start and completing all starting trials including looting, hunting and outpost retaking.
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    Ok thanks for your time and sorry for made you lost it :/
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    Stop Tutorial MsgBox

    Simple mod nothing fancy, stops those annoying tutorial message boxes that pops up on the right hand side of the screen when in the game.
    eg: Press Esc to view tutorial on Detection

    Removed as it causes problems along the main story line.
    Also since v1.04 the option is now in the menu to disable tutorial notifications, so the mod is no longer needed.
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    Originally Posted by jketiynu Go to original post

    *All ULC content (pre-order bonuses) unlocked. Here's what that includes:
    1) Lost Expeditions content (2 new missions)
    2) Monkey Business content ("Four bonus missions hosted by Hurk and his bomb-carrying monkeys")
    3) New weapons: the Remington 700 Predator ($5200), Tribal Knife ($800)

    *Edit* Forgot to credit the author of the ULC unlocker. Who made this? It was on the FC3 modding wiki but now it's gone.
    It's gone because we at the modding wiki administration do NOT accept it either.
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    Originally Posted by jketiynu Go to original post
    FC3 Swartz mod compilation v1.0
    *Increased XP earned from unlocking a tower to 800 and disabling an alarm to 200
    Everything makes sense you did, but why this? Isn't it way too much XP gain in default FC3 already, why crank it up? I wouldn't mind if XP from towers would disappear entierly. Pulling a plug in not much of a task compared to clearing an outpost full of hostiles.
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