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    Originally Posted by deeznuttz_88 Go to original post
    Using the PostFXquality = false method removes DOF, but it also disables AA. I would like to know if there is a method which only removes DOF but leaves everything else in tact like AA, motion blur etc
    It's pretty easy, actually. Instead of setting PostFXquality to "false", set it to "ultrahigh", then add this under RenderProfile after the CustomQuality tag ends:

    <quality id="ultrahigh" GameDepthOfField="0" CinematicDepthOfField="1" />

    I also added a bunch of other tweaks so my RenderProfile looks like this:

    <RenderProfile MSAALevel="0" AlphaToCoverage="2" SSAOLevel="6" SDSM="0" ResolutionX="1920" ResolutionY="1080" Quality="custom" QualityEditor="editor_ps3" Fullscreen="1" Borderless="0" UseD3D11="1" D3D11MultithreadedRendering="0" WidescreenLetterbox="0" UseWidescreenFOV="1" FOVScaleFactor="1.365" EnableSubResolution="0" SubResolutionX="960" SubResolutionY="540" VSync="0" RefreshRate="0" DisableMip0Loading="0" GPUMaxBufferedFrames="5" ShowFPS="0" Brightness="1" Contrast="1" GammaRamp="1" AllowAsynchShaderLoading="1">
    <quality ResolutionX="1920" ResolutionY="1080" EnvironmentQuality="high" AntiPortalQuality="default" PortalQuality="medium" PostFxQuality="ultrahigh" TextureQuality="high" TextureResolutionQuality="high" WaterQuality="high" DepthPassQuality="high" VegetationQuality="veryhigh" TerrainQuality="high" GeometryQuality="ultrahigh" AmbientQuality="high" DeferredAmbientQuality="medium" ShadowQuality="high" EditorQuality="" Hdr="1" HdrFP32="0" ReflectionHdr="1" EnableVertexBinding="1" id="custom" />
    <quality id="ultrahigh" GameDepthOfField="0" CinematicDepthOfField="1" SSAO="1" CloudShadows="1" SSAOMaxDistance="200" />
    <quality UseRealTreeHD="1" UsePixelLeafNormals="1" id="veryhigh" />
    <quality TerrainLodScale="0.5" TerrainDetailViewDistance="1024" TerrainDetailBlendViewDistance="128" id="high" />
    <quality KillLodScale="0.5" LodScale="0.5" RealTreesLodScale="0.5" RealTreesVistaMinViewDistanceScale="0.5" ClustersLodScale="0.5" TerrainLodScale="0.5" MaxDecalCount="400" MaxDecalCountPerType="50" id="ultrahigh" />

    Enabled 8xQ Multisampling + 8xSGSAA +16xAF through Nvidia Inspector, game looks gorgeous.
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    Originally Posted by YYZY Go to original post
    I know that you can and should compile the mods to your liking, but I think its pitty that you decided to add the unlocked weapons. It's almost a cheat because as you said, the new weapons are free. The game itself is already way too easy. We should actually find a way to make all weapons strictly charged no matter how many towers have been freed.
    Ask that question to the modder, I'm just putting the mods together into a package. You can use package 1.4 as it does not have unlocked weapons.

    BTW, after trying it out I have to say the unlocked weapons are fun and don't really spoil the game. They are not significantly overpowered: actually, the new SMGs I found to be less preferable than the MP5, and the other guns are better than Tier 1 weapons by a very modest amount. I plan to use the weapon realism mod anyway, so damage and range for enemy weapons will also be significantly upgraded, and without any of the interface assists the game should be nicely balanced.
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    Quick little tutorial for converting FCB/LIB, editing basic weapon properties, and packing a .fat/dat.

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    Originally Posted by ChiConspiracy Go to original post
    I have accomplished a rough but successful effort to kill animals more easily by upping weapon damage, but still keeping the ability to kill humans reasonable by downgrading the "hitlocationmodifiers" (head, torso, and limb,) which only effect human enemies. When I have more time, I will play with them in regards to different types of enemies, considering caliber and barrel length of different weapons.

    The ms16 (m14 in real life) should hit about as hard as the m700 (which shares the same 7.62x51 ammunition). The dragunov and PKM both fire a VERY similar round in the 7.62x54. These 4 weapons should be able to defeat the typical body armored enemies at close range, and take no more than 2 rounds at longer ranges based on comparable body armor performance in ballistic tests and performance in Iraq and Afghanistan. The heavy troops armor is basically explosive ordinance gear, and in real life is NOT nearly as invincible as it is in the game. A few consecutive 7.62 rounds, or one .50 caliber round will penetrate it. Each of these 4 weapons should have a range from about 800 to 1000 yards.

    The 5.56 weapons are all roughly the same barrel length, and have a maximum effective range of about 400 meters. Within their ideal engagement range of 200 meters, the round they fire carries about half the punch of a 7.62 round. The AK47's bigger round has a bigger punch, but looses steam quickly due to the low powder to lead ratio. Having shot one in real life, it practically falls out of the sky at around 300 meters.

    Along with the .50 caliber sniper rifle, the DSHK is actually quite under powered in the game. It throws a HUGE round out of a 42inch (1,070 mm) barrel, over 2000 meters. Having made its damage and range more appropriate has had a huge effect on my gameplay. Travelling along the roads is now extremely nerve-wracking, as the gun now tears my vehicle apart, and drops even my 6 health bars to nothing in one or two connected shots.

    I saw some complaints than giving the weapons realistic ranges would make the game too easy. I disagree utterly. Having made the AK47s, PKM's, and dragunov's the enemies carry more realistic in damage and range has also had a huge effect on the stress level of the game. When enemy snipers can drop you in one or two hits, and even an ak toting pirate can drop you in a single burst, not to mention the instant death caused by a mounted gunner, Not only is it more realistic but to me the game has become MUCH more fun.
    So are you planning to release a mod based on this insight?
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    Originally Posted by solecist Go to original post
    this is exactly the opposite of my experience. the game is extremely easy even on warrior difficulty.
    I never said it wasn't easy, it's just annoying. I rarely get killed by enemies, but it's irritating when you start getting shot when they shouldn't even know where you are, or if you're at a distance, their accuracy should suffer more.

    I'm just saying the higher powered weapons may highlight how annoying the AI and save mechanic really are. You'll get killed a lot more when you shouldn't even be seen and get sent back to a fast travel location not really close to where you were.
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    Originally Posted by teknogek1300 Go to original post
    Quick little tutorial for converting FCB/LIB, editing basic weapon properties, and packing a .fat/dat.

    This information is fine, but there's two important things (I think) that you missed.

    Firstly, you didn't include the contents of the original patch.fat/dat in your new patch directory, so you've effectively reverted the file patch changes in the official patch.

    You can actually make this easier on yourself, the Pack tool has a nice operation that makes building new archives much easier.

    Let's say you unpack the contents of the original patch.fat/dat to a directory called "patch_original".
    You can then create a directory called "patch_modified" with your modified files - in the required directory structure.

    For example:

    patch_original\* (all files from original patch.fat/dat)
    patch_modified\worlds\fc3_main\generated\entitylib rary.fcb

    Create a batch file, "build_patch.bat", in it, put:

    path\to\Gibbed.Dunia2.Pack.exe -c patch.fat patch_modified patch_original
    This will build a patch.fat/dat sourced from both patch_modified and patch_original directories, files in earlier specified directories will override files in later directories, if there are any duplicate file paths.

    Secondly, the way you worked directly inside your patch directory with ConvertObjectBinary is a bit iffy - you're packing in those XML files the game doesn't care about, it's not really a good idea to include those.

    So, as an example modding setup, locally, I have a directory called "modding" in my Far Cry 3 directory.

    modding\tools\* - All of Dunia2 tools.
    modding\patch\original\* - All files from original patch.fat/dat.
    modding\patch\modified\* - Files that I've modified.
    modding\source\* - Exported FCB/LIB/OBJ (the XML files ConvertObjectBinary generates)

    @echo off
    echo Generating entity library...
    tools\bin\Gibbed.Dunia2.ConvertObjectBinary.exe "source\shoppingitems.xml" "patch\modified\generated\databases\generic\shoppingitems.lib"
    tools\bin\Gibbed.Dunia2.ConvertObjectBinary.exe "source\shopsubcategory2.xml" "patch\modified\generated\databases\generic\shopsubcategory2.lib"
    tools\bin\Gibbed.Dunia2.ConvertObjectBinary.exe "source\entitylibrary.xml" "patch\modified\worlds\fc3_main\generated\entitylibrary.fcb"
    echo Packing files...
    tools\bin\Gibbed.Dunia2.Pack.exe -c "..\data_win32\patch.fat" "patch\modified" "patch\original"
    This should help give ideas on how to automate the build process when you're editing, instead of manually doing all of this.
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    Originally Posted by solecist Go to original post
    sounds like you only have the attachments mod. the attachments mod does not, by default, include the better sights. there are compilations in this thread that have it, though. the new sight textures are in graphics\__fc3_graphics\_common\_textures\weapons\ _shared when unpacking any patch.fat that includes the better sights mod.
    Uplaysuxxor made the compilation of just sights and attachments for me. It works and when I extract the patch file for that mod , only 3 files are in it. No textures at all and the sights are modified. Explain that one to me. What is even more confusing is the one 1.01 gui tool when you extract the patch files and convert the fcb, you get a folder full of subfolders and an xml and menu xml for each weapon. when you open the patch with gui tool 1.02 and conveert the fcb to xml you only get weaponsxml and weappropxml. What happened to all the other files that the first gui tool was extracting? I know I`m not crazy because I just downloaded the mod again and tested it to make sure wasn`t nuts and the mod works. but soon as I open the patch files and edit it , it breaks the sights addition of the mod.
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    Dude I am having the hardest time understanding how to use the mod tools. Until someone makes a youtube video of how to properly compile things, I dont see my understanding going anywhere.
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    I just installed the 1.4 Compilation and the game crashes like crazy. I click Story, but there's no 'Continue' option. When I try to back up to the Main Menu, the game crashes. When I reload it, it crashes when I back out of the Video menu.

    I love your mods! I want to uuuuuuse them *sob sob*
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    Can you release a RAW version of just the weapon tweaks without the "More Attachemnts" changes, would love that so i can implement it in my own (private) mod.
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