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    Originally Posted by hammerhorde Go to original post
    I`m not sure I understand what you are saying here. I`m using the gui tools and I can unpack a a patch files and I can convert the fcb to xml which makes a folder with all the xml files in it. Now before I can repack and make a new fat and dat I need to convert the xml falder back to a fcb and the gui tool has the option to convert them back BUT you cannot select the entire folder to convert back. I tried converting just one file from the folder back to fcb and the tool threw an error.
    Not need to select a folder entitylibrary_converted
    Just need to select a one file entitylibrary_converted.xml
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    Originally Posted by adarwinter Go to original post
    this is NOT the 1.4 compilation but the 1.3.

    am i the only one that this link sends him to 1.3?
    No, it was a bug (due to the link actually being two "links", one that is displayed and another that is the embedded actual link; one was fixed, the other wasn't).

    Here's the proper link:

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    also, in case anybody wants to remove the stealth sounds (i know the dll has been posted, but he didn't explain his methods exactly):

    in your dll, search for the text strings sndDetectionUpdate and sndDetected -- replace a letter in each of those two commands. so, sndDetectionUpdatx and sndDetecex. i recommend HXD:

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    I have no idea of how many of you are familar with JUMP MAPS, but there was and still is an active jumper community in FC2. Beside Race Maps Jumping is and was what FC2 seperated the game from basically every other shooter. The things we could do were limitless and some highly gifted map makers did come up with insane maps for people to test their skills and mind. With the new editor we could have so many new options, but i fear we do not!

    Unfortunatly the FC3 gameplay will not allow us to jump decent sophisticated and artistic jump maps anymore. The first time i tried FC3 i was seriously in shock and very sad. Who in this world implemented this crappy move and jump system into FC3? Im not bragging about all the other stuff that was said in this thread and many other threads before, i agree with most of it. BUT, how can you seriously deliver movement controls like in FC3?

    1. Did you guys realize that even when you hold the run button permantly you will start walking once you stopped moving and then start moving again? I expect to run anytime i hold the run button! This also goes for sliding....after a slide you will start walking and you won't run anymore. This problem is not only critical for jump maps, but the gameplay in general.

    2. Having all those scripted movements look nice, no doubt about it, but did you realize that you will basically slide over a stone once you try to jump on it? Who actually tested this kind of crap? Did the test players not realize that people might like to jump on top of the stone (for whatever reason) and dont like some scripted animation how you slide over or around it? This is even critical in the SP...Once you are close to a cliff and you are close to a stone (etc.) you might fall due some scripted event. When i jump, i want total control on where i jump or on what i jump.

    There are some other issues regarding the gameplay in general that i will not come up with now, but my question is:

    IS IT POSSIBLE TO DELIVER AND IMPLEMENT THE FC2 MOVEMENT CONTROLS INTO FC3? Im sure its almost an impossible act to do, but asking is free. I wouldnt mind if its some patch that can only run on specific servers or under certain rules...shooting on jump maps is forbidden anyway....

    To those who have no idea about Jump maps/ puzzle maps or what im talking about and those that are seriously interested on what you can actually do in Far Cry 2, concerning jumping, are free to contact me. I appreciate all your help.

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    To the author of the mod that combines the attachments mod and unlocks 2nd island weapons: Could you please make a version for patch 1.02? That's what most of us are using.
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    Originally Posted by teknogek1300 Go to original post
    Attachments mod + Unlock 2nd island weapons!
    Added to the new compilation:

    Version 1.5:

    Unlocked 2nd island weapons by teknogek1300
    Better Sights 1.2 by Khenaz
    Beverhund HUD mod compilation
    Leechmongers attachement mod
    KyodanXD Objective icon removal
    object blinking removal by tom.solo
    Wallhack removal by KyodanXD (UPDATED to include animal tagging)


    WARNING: Will severely reduce incentive to play as all new weapons are FREE/OWNED

    Personally I am torn between desire to use new guns and desire to progress in the game as originally intended. I'd probably prefer if the new weapons were available but at their full price, and not owned straight away.

    Send info if any issues encountered.
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    So now that a moderator closed the request thread and told us to come here, are we allowed to request here?
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    Originally Posted by RustyRampRade Go to original post
    So now that a moderator closed the request thread and told us to come here, are we allowed to request here?
    They can't really forbid us to ;o
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    Originally Posted by tchNL Go to original post
    They can't really forbid us to ;o
    And the police cant forbid you to shoot a puppy, doesn't mean we should go shoot puppies.
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    Has anyone figured a way to remove the texture of those green mountains on the horizon?
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