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    Ziggy's Mod is still being actively developed and was just updated to version 3.14. Added all new icons for skills and more weapon stats to the store menu, along with a few bug fixes.


    If you want to see what else has changed recently just check out the changelog.
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    Pirates model file names

    Since i now playing Far Cry 4 then i got an idea, try to mod the Pirates in to Far Cry 4 (If it is possible)
    First i have the dunai unpacker
    Then i want to know the Pirates files names and their file location.
    Most of the files does not seems to have a file name like ".fcb and .lua" and stuff like that.

    I have not unpacked Far Cry 4 yet (I don't know if Dunai unpacker works).

    Could you help me to find or give me the model names on the Pirates??
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    So I successfully figured out how to increase the frequency of enemy encounters, but I'm wondering how I can add, say, heavy troopers to the random encounters a la Blood Dragon?
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    Hello, i installed the mod, because i wanted to change that horrible sight on the Shredder (i cant see **** through it), when in the signature weapons tab, the customize button is there, but after clicking on it, nothing happens, please help!
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    Originally Posted by n1x4_1 Go to original post
    Thanks for pointing that out but the whole reason I even played with those values was to try an figure out why I'm not getting any Xp upon killing Rakyat, not even able to tag when I've edited EVERY *Rebel*.xml in the FC3_NPC/ sub-folders.
    I need help with this too. I'm trying to change the xpgiven from killing enemies. I changed the value but In game i still receive the old amount of xp. It's like changing xpgiven does nothing.
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    far cry 2 3 y 4 ps3

    hello my friend i come to this page to please help me to do a mod ads gore more blood to killing enemy in far cry 2 and 4 with dds texture images i dont now how can do to miself to ps3 bles24 fc2 blus20 fc 4 fc3 bles37 or give me the tools do to miself very please i hate far cry 4 censored and bugs ejemplo peel animals is noting blood or shuting dem the holes are too small and ireal kill enemies are iqual ting the blood apears and sometimes no apear far cry 4 its a good game but needs more gore please helpme
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    need help finding a mod that only adds more attachments to weapons. the only mods i found that let you use more attachments than normal are grouped into packs that heavily modify the game. i only want more attachments nothing else. please help me out
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    can i add more attachments slot

    Originally Posted by Leechmonger Go to original post
    where i can add more attachments slot
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    Why are the edited files not working? worlds fc3_main generated entitylibrary FC3_Vehicles Land Quad_Bike.xml
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    Modders are suggested to join the Far Cry Modding Discord for any modding questions: https://discord.gg/sU9yhru
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