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    Weapon Damage

    Hello all,

    please someone help me to modify the Damage of a Weapon. What file and Parameter do i have to change?

    THX Jabba
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    Damn Ubisoft, Far Cry 3 map editor has so many limitations.

    It's great that you guys are working on tools to MOD it, but with those limitations create a map editing files would be terrible.

    I think someone should work on these limitations, like map size and number of textures allowed, add more items that can be added to the map, etc
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    Modding Wallet Size

    Hello all,

    i have a big Problem. I want to Edit Wallet Size but i dont know what file i have to modify. I tried the craftingrecipe.lib and changed the "Wallets extra large.xml" from 10000 to 20000 but there are no changes. Sorry for my bad English. Hope someone can help me....

    THX Jabba
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    this is the first time i play far cry 3 and while i was searching for far cry 3 remington acr mod i found this and it's really interesting that there are mods allow me to add more attachments or unlocks all weapons at the start or give me better aimed down sight but i wonder if there is any way to combine all those mods together to increase gaming experience i mean a compilation of all attachments, 2nd island weapons unlock and better sight, just these 3. if some one can plz spend sometimes making me one or just show me how to combine these mod so that i can creat a compilation my self. thank u very much
    p/s i'm playing far cry 3 version 1.05
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    Hi Everybody,
    can anyone tell me if it is possible to increase the draw distance considerably or is that an unsolvable problem? I have been searching Internet to no avail.
    Thanks in advance for reply and advices.
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    I want to create my own Mod. I'm sure I will be able to, however, I'm not sure if the changes I would like to make are possible.

    Here is what I would like.

    1. Make new signature weapons.
    2. Make the nights darker.
    3. Make the timescale more realistic.
    4. Increase the max normal arrows or quiver size.
    5. Add the silencer as an attachment option to some weapons.
    6. Increase the encounters and re-spawns to a ludicrous amount.

    I will attempt to gain the correct permissions to the modders that have already created a great mod. This is purely for personal use.
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    Originally Posted by JabbaTheHud Go to original post
    Hello all,

    i have a big Problem. I want to Edit Wallet Size but i dont know what file i have to modify. I tried the craftingrecipe.lib and changed the "Wallets extra large.xml" from 10000 to 20000 but there are no changes. Sorry for my bad English. Hope someone can help me....

    THX Jabba
    I'm using PandoraX357's v3.3 mod compilation this is where the wallets are located in that folder/file structure:

    The game starting wallet ($1000.00) is in:

    FarCry3/data_win32/patch/worlds/fc3_main/generated/entitylibrary/player/PawnPlayer. The starting wallet parameter is under "Inventory" about 2/3 of the way down in the PawnPlayer file.

    The 3 upgrade wallet sizes are in:

    FarCry3/data_win32/patch/generated.nomadobjecttemplate/BonusService this file contains parameters for all your skills upgrades. You'll have to scroll though it to find the lvl 1, lvl 2, and lvl 3 wallets then adjust the amount of wallet size increase each grants you.

    Good luck!
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    FC3 Easy Start Mod

    Hello together,

    many mods that can be found here are making Gameplay harder. I want to create a Mod ( Mod-Compilation ) to make it a little bit easier to come in the Game and to increase the ”Fun Factor”. So I created this Mod - I called:

    The “FC3 Easy-Start Mod”

    Install part:

    1. Make backup copy of your patch.dat and patch.fat files in your far cry 3/data_win32 folder and place them somewhere where you wil be able to restore it if you'd like to.

    2. Unpack archive in the game folder (eg place new patch.dat and patch.fat files into the "data_win32" folder)

    3. Make both patch.dat and patch.fat read-only via right-click -> properties

    4. Enjoy!


    *No Intro – you will start in Amanaki Village, with you waking up and talking to Dennis.

    *All standard Weapons unlocked at start. You have to pay for them or to unlock from Tower

    *Second Island Weapons will be unlocked earlier from Towers on “First Island”

    *Unlocked two Weapon slots from start

    *"Cannon" signature revolver unlocked from start.

    *Silver Dragon unlocked at start – cost “0”

    *Wingsuit unlocked from start

    *Unlocked “Fronttakedown”

    *All crafting recipes unlocked at start and full filled
    ( Hunting Quests only need to have fun or to earn Money )

    *All skills unlocked at start

    *Increased Wallet, Syringe Bag and Loot Bag sizes

    *Better Sights Mod v.1.2 by Khenaz

    *Attachment mod by Rick (gibbed)
    a few more slots have been activated
    Silencer for all Handguns and SMG`s
    and Assault rifles

    Silencer for LMG`s are deaktivated

    This Mod will be activated after ending of the the first Mission with Dennis taking the Outpost.

    Download it here: Far-Cry-3-Easy-Start-Mod.zip

    Making this mod was only possible to merge other Mods by the following Modders.

    So special thanks and Credits for:

    The super file V 2.2 by Chorizosss
    Attachment Mod by Rick (gibbed)
    Better Sights Mod v.1.2 by Khenaz
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    any more updates' on this one please ? as there is some cool mods or tweaks.

    come on folks get this game running better....
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    I have seen that people use mods sometimes in COOP games, or forget to disable them before playing.
    It looks like doing so changes the configuration for all players, many times making the game unplayable because it's much too hard.
    Consequently players quit the game after so many tries.
    I suggest to use mods for solo game only or advise others players when you are doing so.
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