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    i think we all need a tool which allows us to update game archives with mod files
    this allows mods to be released only as modded files, not by whole archive
    the only question is how to do it
    i can only made gui for unpacker/packer

    and a question: how to edit .feu files?
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    So the cutscene music sequences are actualoly located in a different .DAT file, not sound .DAT (at least not all of them)

    Though you wouldn't believe all the additional music that *isn't* is in the STEAM deluxe soundtrack release.

    Seems like there is also a ton of music that was never used in the game. Like almost an alternative soundtrack, a little more rock based...
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    It would be crazy good to remove that "WALLHACK" you get when you spot an enemy with the camera, seeing them thru walls/objects is really bad
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    I don't know if this has been mentioned but can someone make Night Time last longer & anyone heard anything about maybe adding Zombies to single-player?
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    Does anybody know if those remove icons mods also remove wallhack?
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    Zombies would be nice, but you are thinking WAY too far ahead at this point
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    carl70: Yes. They are all in the sound.dat file. There's a lot of them too.
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    Is there any way to turn off the HUD completely for the camera?
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    anyway to remove hud in coop? those character icon above mini map is so annoying...
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    Originally Posted by adarwinter Go to original post
    if i understand him correctly there must be a code (a complicated one) in the MP code that syncronizes the AI movement and behavior between more than one player over the net. if such a code doesnt exist that its imporssible for two players or more to share AI since one player will not have the same AI data as the other. who knows what will be the result of that. maybe the AI in one's game won't be in the same spot or do the same things as in the other's. maybe the human players WILL be in sync but the AI won't.

    i just want the editor to allow me to play the maps with AI in the game itself. but i doubt even THAT can be done.
    They do work in the multiplayer, and they work well.
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