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    The UbiWorkShop Scam

    The UbiWorkShop is trash.This is why.

    I pre-ordered my AC3 UbiWorkShop Edition from them October 3rd.
    After a 2 week delay on the package, it finally arrived at my doorstep.

    But, while I was anxiously waiting my game I had waited a year to get, I decided to order the Limited Edition off Amazon. It got there the next day. I only ordered it after I confirmed with UbiWS that I could return the package to get a refund. When It arrived, I told UPS I refused the package and asked him if I could return it, my reply was of course.
    It is now December the 3rd, and I have not gotten my $100's back. I emailed UbiWS multiple times asking where my money was, only to just recently get a reply 5 days ago saying this:

    Dear ******

    I just want to make sure everything is clear during the return process.
    As for now your return request has been accepted and we are currently waiting for the box.
    As soon as we get it, we will be able to refund you.

    Did you get a tracking number when you made your return shipment? If so, this would be nice if we can have it.

    I am sorry if there was confusion during this process.
    If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me

    Jean-Daniel Pagé

    Well, I did contact "them" immediately after explaining what I just said in the above. I have still not received a response.
    This is the WORST customer service I have ever gotten. It's down right pitiful for a company at THIS scale. Can anyone relate or is this JUST me.

    A dedicated AC fan,
    Still out $100's,
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    I dunno, man..

    Doesn't sound pretty bad...Is the box lost ? They asked for the tracking number and seem like they WANT to refund you...
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    Man... you just posted this same thing on the other thread....
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    Please try recontacting them if you still have not received a reply. It seems as though there is every intent on following through even though it has taken longer than expected.

    Please keep this in the other thread.
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