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    Where the hell is the AC: Liberation patch?

    It was announced that it would be coming soon on the 22nd November and yet there is still no mention of an actual release date. My save file has been corrupted for weeks and I refuse to start all over again. The hell is going on?
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    heh, well you know the patch wont fix a broken save... the response for both tickets I filed on the issue said as much

    sounds like they are just fixing the issue that causes the corruption to begin with, so you will have to start over again none the less once they release the patch
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    Please keep checking back it will be out soon.
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    Patch is out but my file is still corrupted. New game it is..
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    Originally Posted by ItsSnowingOut Go to original post
    Patch is out but my file is still corrupted. New game it is..
    My save corrupted AFTER the patch - by which I mean I didn't even own a Vita prior to the patch being released and it was applied before I ever played the game. Had to start all over - in my case it manifested as the infinite Animus loading screen after restarting from a checkpoint in a free a slave sequence in the Bayou. The lack of news about patches to this game suggest that Ubisoft just doesn't care, though honestly they are probably focusing all their efforts on unscrewing regular AC3. Given that it's the same AnvilNext engine, I would hope that some bugfixes there would be hardware independent and carry over to a patch for AC3:L, but they'll probably just make a half-baked attempt at fixing the most egregious errors and then abandon it forever. The lack of ANY news on AC3:L is not encouraging, be it regarding patches or DLC. Considering that the pundits have decided that Vita has failed, and that either only ~5 people play this game or virtually nobody is bothering to complain about the bugs, I'm sure a "prudent" business decision will be made to leave us hanging. Not hopeful. :-(
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