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    Nominate your favorite multiplayer-map!

    UPDATE: The nominations are now closed. Please see this thread for more information.

    Hello everyone!

    As you may have noticed, we have temporarily removed the “Gold Player Maps” playlist. This is because we have yet to put maps in it. That is what we want your help to do!
    A brief explanation of how the different playlists works (they are unique to each platform; PC, XBOX360, PS3):

    Bronze Player Maps – Every map that gets uploaded and published online shows up here first.

    Silver Player Maps – Whenever you finish playing a Bronze map, you get the chance to ‘Like’ it. If a map gets enough ‘Likes’, it ends up in the Silver category.

    Then there is the Gold Player Maps – this playlist only contains maps that we at Ubisoft have chosen to add to that list. These maps have a “Stamp of Approval” by us, and is the only way to get your map into the Gold playlist.

    What we would like you to do, is to nominate maps from the Silver Category that you think are exceptionally fun to play, or simply are of high quality. We will gather your suggestions during the next few days, and then call a vote. The winner(s) will get added to the Gold playlist.

    To nominate a map, reply to this thread in the following way (one map per person):

    Platform (PC, 360, PS3) – Map Name

    We will pick the maps that get the most nominations and create a vote within a few days.
    Posts not dealing with map nominations will be removed from this thread.
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    Vote for Sabotur's map its great.
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    PS3 - Civil War!
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    My recreation of the COD 4 Shipment map.

    I'm going to tidy up the surroundings & polish off the map later tonight, I will also add a small fence above the wall to stop people using the walls to get on the containers.

    If it needs a name change due to copyright stuff I will rename it.


    Xbox 360

    Map Name:

    Shipment Alpha

    Game Modes:

    Team Deathmatch

    Map Type:

    8 - 12 players
    All out action


    It's the classic all out action map from COD4 now in FC3, 1x1 scale some objects changed due to player model being taller, loads of small details added to make it look fantastic, functions the same as COD4's map.

    The images/video below are outdated, I will upload new ones soon.


    Please, would be very much appreciated.



    Side note:

    Forums need fixed, when creating new threads they don't show, you have to sort the threads by descending order for them to be shown.
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    I played a good map last night on PS3 called BAT01

    Had a great waterfall that overlooked a great setting for the objective and it was balanced with spawn points and objectives too.

    Can i vote worst ive seen ? UBennett
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    My afghan winter map xbox 360

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    PS3 - Water Park Sorry for voting for my own maps but I am having troubles having them played... (i have fixed more bugs since video)

    On a side note, other maps I have made (for PS3) people may enjoy include:

    Tatooine Heat- A full sized explorable Jawa Sandcrawler straight out of Star Wars (and my imagination)! It has 4 floors and some surrounding desert for a very close quarters deathmatch.

    Pandora- From Avatar, floating islands.

    Face Off- A hellish arena with hollow rock skulls that can be used as vantage points for sharpshooters. The large edition has an underground cave system too.

    Wreck Reef- A water based arena style map fought entirely in shallow water. Includes shipwrecks and underwater tunnels.

    The Assault - A detailed beach assault map with multiple paths into a main camp that has trenches.

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    Originally Posted by AW LOST SOLDIER Go to original post
    Just by using certain textures at the right time of day (good light) gives the snow effect.

    Now THAT is really impressive. I'll have to download. Is there any way to rate a map before playing it? Can never get a game.
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    I'm currently working on Groznyj Grad from Metal Gear Solid 3 on PC. I REALLY hope to have it done by the end of the week.

    Here's an hour and a half of me working on it
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    For your information: This nomination will not be the last, and it will run for some time to give everyone a chance to submit a map.
    (Relax, the North and South Americans will get their chance as well. (And the Japanese).)
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