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    Multiplayer gameplay suggestions/ideas (ubisoft pleas read)

    Hi guys(I don't really know how to contact UBISOFT directly so I guess ill post it here..),
    I have been playing multiplayer in Assassin's Creed since Brotherhood came out, and I have to say I feel like the online game-play can be improved and expanded upon. The game modes have been pretty much the same since Brotherhood and the kills are all cinematic animation which is cool... except it (in my opinion) it doesn't deliver the same feeling as when I play single player in Assassins Creed. The animations could be toned down a bit to give the player the same feel as single player and new game modes could be introduced.

    I have an idea for an online co-op game mode that is similar to Horde in Gears of War or Nazi Zombies from Call of Duty. I think it would be AWESOME if there was a game mode delivered in the future where players could communicate with each other to defend a fort from waves of redcoat assault, and as each wave is completed more AIs and stronger AIs lead the assault. The game would end if all players were eliminated and the score would be tallied based on style and kill count etc.

    My personal opinion is that the naval warfare is the most impressive aspect of this game. Online Naval warfare would be ridiculously fun. There are so many possibilities for naval warfare online.
    Some example would be CAPTURE THE FLAG at sea... Protect, and escort allied ships while blazing cannons at the enemy defenders and offenders etc.
    DEATHMATCH at sea would reach a whole new level. There could be ships firing at each other from afar while some engage at close range and attempt to board one another.
    KING OF THE HILL/SEA could also be a possibility.

    I feel the online game-play lacks the ability to communicate with other players efficiently. If any sort of in game chat system was enabled, co-op game-play would be vastly improved.
    Don't get me wrong, I love UBISOFT and think this game is amazing! I just want to see the online game-play in assassins creed achieve its full potential and deliver the same feeling of awe as I get when playing the single player campaigns in this amazing game. Thanks for reading and thanks for delivering this game to all of us!
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    I see you have already posted in the multiplayer feedback thread as well (in the AC multiplayer forum), so I will close this one.

    Oh and I agree on the naval warfare as one of the things that Ubi has done incredibly well in this game. I wish there were more of those missions and that they will not drop them in future games.
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