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    Tournament decklists?

    Are any of the world championship or other tournament decklists posted anywhere? If not, that's a real shame because finding new deck info as a new player is really tough for this game. Yes, there are some decks at MMDOC and on the ofurms but they're a really random grab bag and very difficult for a new player to decipher if they're good or not. A lot of the posted lists seem to be sub-optimal and constrained by card availability, so it's difficult to know what to work for.

    If there isn't somewhere with tournament decklists that I'm just missing, then Ubisoft should really implement some sort of decklist posting. Eg. top 8 or 16 decklists in any organised tournament and one random deck played by the winner of each the daily tournament or something. Information on what solid competitive lists look like is very important for new players getting into the game, particularly those who are already familiar with the genre. Take a look at the type of [urhttp://www.wizards.com/Magic/Magazine/Article.aspx?x=mtg/daily/activity/1115]decklist information[/url] that MTG posts - they do that for a reason, it massively reduces barriers to entry for new players into their game and just makes good business sense.
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    The problem is there is no real "working towards" anything in this game, because we don't really have any options of trading or obtaining specific cards, it's completely random, thus your decks will always be somehow built around card availability unless you have 4x everything. Yes, we have the Infernal Pit, but that is hardly a viable way of working towards anything, seeing as it is also random and hardly ever has any cards worthwile...
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    That's true, but it'd still help if players had some pointers on what cards they should be adding to their decks as they get new ones. It's not *always* the case that you just jam every uncommon and rare card over the commons, there are some choices to be made.
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    Sure I can post the deck I used at the World Championship. However I think those deck lists posted on the forum (you were talking about) are much much more useful. Anyway, here's my deck list I used in the finals against Matrix.disc.

    Hero (1)
    Garant, Seeker of Discord

    Events (5)
    2x Day of Luck
    2x Week of Knowledge
    1x Month of Dancing Flames

    Creatures (27):
    3x Maniac
    1x Breeder
    2x Hell Hound
    2x Rogue Mercenary
    3x Demented
    3x Succubus
    2x Griffin
    2x Juggernaut
    1x Cerberus
    1x Lesser Shadow Elemental
    2x Lilim
    1x Pit Fiend
    2x Lesser Air Elemental
    2x Lesser Fire Elemental

    Spells (11):
    3x Dispel
    3x Fire Bolt
    1x Fire Trap
    1x Fire Shield
    2x Teleport
    1x Fireball

    Fortunes (12):
    3x Altar of Destruction
    1x House of Madness
    2x Chaos Rift
    2x Twisted Fate
    3x Camp Fire
    1x Wasteland
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    Keep in mind the deck Ipwnfour posted was from the tournament similar to "sealed" style in MtG, in case you're familiar with that... Basically it means the deck isn't nearly as powerful as one built with a whole collection available...
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    oh, i didn't realise that it wasn't a full constructed tournament, nevermind then
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    Here is the one with which I was lucky enough to win Nations Cup; http://www.mmdoc.net/show_deck/50/

    Just another Nergal pure creature variation, it's on the forum also.
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