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    far cry 3 save game not loading

    whenever i go to carry on story mode in far cry 3 i have played it for about 2 hours in one go then saved. but now it just crashes and says far cry has stopped responding or whatever else, i have tried just pressing continue and also loading it from save game but it doesnt work, all other features seem to be working alright though.

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    my manual save games are not loading

    i am also having games issues in far cry 3. no problems with glitches and crashes. i am also able to save game manually just fine. and the saves are not corrupted either as i said there are no crash issues. but when i quit out of the game. and then again start it it doesnt load any save games i saved before. in the folder "c:/programdata/orbit/46/" all the save games are there. i also had backed up some save games. but the game dont recognize any of them. only option is to start a new game under story icon.. i am playing it on PC..so please help.
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    download the latest patches using the uplay launcher
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    Ik have exactly the same problem as hmrakholiya12... After some experimenting, save001 is the autosave and save005 is the saveslot-file. numbers in the save.ini seem to change after each save.. How can we restore them??
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    Same problem: after a few hours of play, coming back the next day, saved games are not recognized. The files are there.

    This is class action material.
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    Any solution for this already? I have the same problem. Updating to latest patch doesnt work.
    1. Played the game for days on end. Could continue every time.
    2. Now started the game, but can only start a new story instead of continuing.
    3. The files are in C:\ProgramData\Orbit\46 with the modified date of my last game

    please help!
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    This is the same for me. I've played hours into the game and now my game is not seeing any saved data. What is the fix for this???!?!?!?
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    Considering the fact that this is one of the most read threads in this forum, I take it we are not the only ones with this issue.
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    Originally Posted by ItsTommyGun Go to original post
    Considering the fact that this is one of the most read threads in this forum, I take it we are not the only ones with this issue.
    Umm,. Not saying you or pointing fingers, but maybe because the others posted who claim their saves are in "C:\ProgramData\Orbit\46"
    Also saying your save name is save005 or save001 and the likes indicate these people are using pirate cracked game and then whining in Ubisoft official forum about it..
    How lame can some people be?

    My only gripe about saves is Ubisoft stupid encrypt a save with a users uplay account name, how f'n stupid.
    I bypassed Ubisoft bs save encryption all together.
    At least I can play my save with anyones Uplay account name, screw Ubi just as they have screwed me of my cash for an inferior product.
    I can now decrypt, encrypt, convert pirate .sav to uplay .save and vica versa.
    Can even edit my saves to change my inventory and a few other things.
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    Hmm. I have no such folder. I read posts mentioning that, but I don't have such a folder on my comp.
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