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    No, not really... April's Fools!

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    No, not really... April's Fools!

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    Ha Ha Ha ...

    "Go in close, and then when you think you are too close, go on in closer."
    Major Tommy McGuire, USAAF ~ 38 victories in the PTO
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    Best April fools gag I ever had:

    When me and my wife first started going out, we went up to my mom and told her then jen was pregnant. Lets just say it didnt turn out as funny as we thought.

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    Beh... That was SOOOOO obvious.
    I was thinking to myself "this us April 1st, after all" even before I clicked the link.
    Try harder next time
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    UBI should be in on the joke, release an official statement then in the fine print under that insert a phrase referring to April Fool's.
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    The pacific add-on probably is too. Sounds to good to be true!

    Imperial Studmuffin

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    Wow that was funny....
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