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    Some informations about huge patch - low fps?

    Hi, i bought this game in friday 23. 11. In the release date of the game. I heard about some huge patch, but someone said, that this patch already is in PC version of the game, and someone said that this patch Ubi missed release last week. So do you know something about it? I have HD 7850, Phenom II x4 945 @ 3.6Ghz, 4Gb DDR2 and before i have arrived to the Boston, I had 60-100FPS on max. Now in Boston i have 20-30 for me unplayable. I have already wrote to the Ubi support, but they just said to me, that they need to know my system, and that they will look on it. But it doesn't seems, that they know something about this problem even though there is a lot of peoples (I think more than 90%? ) with this same problem, even they have high end systems. Doe's anyone know something more about this issue? Is Ubi working on some patch for this FPS issue? If so, please write here url where you read it. Thank you. I am really dissapointed with this problem. I don't want to spoil the enjoyment from the game, so I stopped playing this game, until there will be some patch. I hope there will be some soon.
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    I had the same problem so I searched the internet for some tweaks/fixes... Nothing officially working, someone even posted on you tube a video showing how to change the .ini file. Did some tests, but the only thing that really made the difference, for me, was changing to "environment quality--> high" instead of very high. The visual difference is minimal and my fps performance, in Boston and the Frontier had a 30% boost. Not going below 40 fps now in every situation.

    btw I have a geforce 570 GTX 2mb
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    About fps you should to keep an eye on this thread ;-)

    About patches... i'm not sure but two first patches which were relased for consoles are already included and on day one were released patch v1.01 for pc version. I do not know if this patch have something of this what got console patches.
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    Jokerillo: You think set it to high in game or in the ini file? Becouse in game FPS is same on max or on the lowest settings. And what is your CPU?
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